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NDTV Good Times Name: Tanuja Kate

Claim to fame: Her pet

Know her better: Tanija likes reading, listening to music, playing games on the internet and basketball. She loves to take a stroll on Carter Road Mumbai, specially when its raining. Tanuja hates to get up in the morning and Himesh Reshamaiyya.
More Fans:
 Shreya Kaushik
 Kiran Jhaveri
Welcome to Good Times - What are you searching for?
How did you first start watching the show? I saw the show on NDTV Goodtimes and liked it immediately.
Are you a regular viewer of Heavy Petting? Yes, I never miss it.
What do you like most about Heavy Petting? The way Seema handles the animals and Blogger's Bark.
Do you think Indians are sensitive to animals? No, not very sensitive.
How would you like to change the life of an animal, a stray dog for instance? By adopting a stray, like I did with my dog Timmy from WSD.
Tell us about your pet? He is a cross Doberman, very energetic, loves to bark at crows. He is cute but sometimes disobedient.
What do you expect to see on the show in future? Interesting pet videos, more on stray dogs.

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Pink City hosts dog championship

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The show is all about quirky pets (cats, dogs, pet turtles and even stranded pigeons!) and their quirkier owners!
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