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NDTV Good Times Name: Shreya Kaushik Chakravarty

Claim to fame: Her pet. Shreya is also a LLB final year student and a fine arts teacher as well. Shreya likes spending weekends at a peaceful place with pets and her family. She hates crowded places.
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Welcome to Good Times - What are you searching for?
How did you first start watching the show? Got to know about the show through friends.
Are you a regular viewer of Heavy Petting? Yes. Everyone in the family watches it. It's a great show.
What do you like most about Heavy Petting? We get to know more 'n' more about pets and pet care tips. I got to know about kennels and pet campings. Every episode is full of surprises.
Do you think Indians are sensitive to animals? Not everyone. I have seen people ill treating animals on the road.
How would you like to change the life of an animal, a stray dog for instance? Putting more efforts for coming up with kennels for strays and sterilisation camps.
Tell us about your pet? My dog Guru is a Lab. He is very friendly and loves to go to parks for long walks.
What do you expect to see on the show in future? Something about training for dogs.

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The show is all about quirky pets (cats, dogs, pet turtles and even stranded pigeons!) and their quirkier owners!
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