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NDTV Good Times As part of the Thank You for the Good Times special series, our anchor and Editor for technology - Rajiv Makhni, decided to go back to his school. The excitement was palpable, the boys got excited and got into debates, discussions on everything tech related with Rajiv Makhni. The best Doon school strikers also took on Rajiv - in a whole new avataar of a goal keeper! But more importantly, he also manages to capture the opinions, the passion and the knowledge about the latest in the world of technology and also test the tech quotient of the students from this prominent institution.
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Abhilakshya (Against the Topic): I would ask you to imagine a pen which you carry to your office everyday, which can double as your email client by projecting a holographic key, a holographic keyboard and screen on any flat surface...imagine...that is wow!
Abbas (For the Topic): The fact that Abhilakshya has the power of imagination, of thinking up of something like that, shows what the era today has provided us with. Today even if something is wow, the point is it is already existing in people's imagination.It's not like wow technology - it's more like oh technology!
Saksham (Against the Topic): For the first time when TV came into being, there were people who were excited. For them it was like - there were people moving inside a box, so that was wow for them. For us, probably, that wow...we haven't actually reached. It will reach and it will be a great wow for us at that time.
Against the topic: I think that we need to imagine something before it can actually be manufactured. So does Abbas mean to say that the flying cars which we see in movies today, if he gets to drive one in the next 10 years will he not say wow?!
For the topic: Yes! but partially people nowadays know the limitations of technology, that in a given period of time how much can technology advance. So people know what to expect and are correct in doing so, given that...people wouldn't see wow technology happening because they know in 10 years we will be seeing new types of mobile phones, we will be seeing holographic laptops. So, people will be able to imagine those. The wow factor goes. It becomes a sort of a daily routine to them.

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