Happiness: A journey with Deepak Chopra  
  Happiness: A journey with Deepak Chopra    
Happiness series is a very special journey. A journey that will explore the Question of all questions: How can I be happy ? The person who will navigate us on this journey is none other than Deepak Chopra who has spent a lifetime researching Eastern and Western philosophies of happiness.. IF there’s anyone who can create a map to happiness, he can.. Each episode in this series will explore a specific theme—relationships, health, money, aging. death. and leave you with a specific key. Follow us on this journey, use the keys..and you may find that you can unlock many doors to mankind’s most ambitious, and often, most elusive search.

Your brain setpoint can be changed. Your living conditions don’t count for a whole lot in your happiness. The largest portion of happiness depends on daily choices YOU make. Thats very empowering. Abraham Lincoln said most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

Telecast : Monday: 9:00 am

Simran Bhargava
Simran Bhargava was a writer and editor with the India Today group for several years, including being editor of Cosmopolitan for four years. She also wrote a column called “Simran on Saturday” for Financial Express, which became one of the most popular columns in the newspaper. She is deeply interested in, and has spent many years, researching issues of personal well-being.  more»
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