Winner: Miss Universe 2009
Venezuela wins Miss Universe crown again
Venezuela wins Miss Universe crown again
Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez has been named winner of the 2009 Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas.

I am confident on winning Miss Universe: Ekta
I am confident on winning Miss Universe: Ekta
Pantaloon Femina Miss India Universe Ekta Chowdhary says she is determined to repeat the history, which made India proud nine years ago.
As it Happened
Year: 2009
1. United Kingdom changed its name to UK last year, and this year it changed back its name to Great Britain, which was last used in 2000.
2. Zeynep Sever (Belgium) competed in Miss Turkey 2007.
3. Zeynep Sever (Belgium), Chloé Mortaud (France), Martine Andraos (Lebanon), Anaïs Veerapatren (Mauritius), Happie Ntelamo (Namibia), Tatum Keshwar (South Africa) and Estíbaliz Pereira (Spain) will compete in Miss World 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa on December 12, 2009.
4. Jessica Umaña (Costa Rica) competed in Miss Costa Rica 2008, where she was disqualified due to illness. However, she entered the pageant once again a year later, and won.
5. Iveta Lutovská (Czech Republic) previously held the title of Miss Model of the World 2007.
6. Ada de la Cruz (Dominican Republic) competed in Miss World 2007 and won the Beach Beauty Award, which gave her an automatic semi-finalist spot that year.
7. Sandra Vinces (Ecuador) placed in the Top 10 at Miss Top Model of the World 2008.
8. Elham Wagdi (Egypt) has competed in Miss Earth 2005, Miss International 2006, and Miss Intercontinental 2007 (where she was a semi-finalist). She was the 1st Runner-up in the Miss Egypt 2005 pageant
9. Melat Yante (Ethiopia) is the current Ethiopia's Next Top Model.
10. Clair Cooper (Great Britain) represented England at Miss Earth 2007.
11. Zivanna Letisha Siregar (Indonesia) won Elite Model Look Indonesia, then she competed in Elite Model Look Asia Pacific 2006.
12. Carolyn Yapp (Jamaica) was the 1st Runner-up in Miss Jamaica World and the 2nd Runner-up in Miss Jamaica Universe a few years ago.
13. Emiri Miyasaka (Japan) was the 2nd Runner-up at Miss International Japan 2008.
14. Eli Landa (Norway) competed in Model Look World 2003.
15. Mayra Matos (Puerto Rico) previously held the title of Miss Teen International 2006.
16. Yen Vo (Vietnam) was the winner of Vietnam Supermodel 2008.
17. Andella Chileshe Matthews (Zambia) was Miss Zambia UK in 2008.
18. For the first time, the Bahamas will host the Miss Universe pageant. The hosting nation has never had a semifinalist.
19. Croatia was interested in hosting Miss Universe 2009 but they backed out of the project due to economic problem related to the current global economic crisis.
20. Last July, investor Jonathan Westbrook tried to get Australia to host Miss Universe 2009 but his efforts were in vain as the possible venues were not interested.
21. Donald Trump had intentions on holding the 2009 pageant in Dubai, but backed out due to the political instability regarding relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel and also for religious reasons.
22. Sorene Maratita, Miss Marianas Universe 2009, will not compete in Miss Universe 2009 due to lack of sponsorship and funding. She will only compete in Miss International 2009.
23. Sri Lanka: Faith Landers will not participate in Miss Universe 2009 despite being announced that she would.
24. Ronique Dellimore from St. Vincent & the Grenadines will not compete in Miss Universe 2009, although the press in her country announced that she would.
25. Peter Elias, the franchise holder for Trinidad & Tobago has confirmed that the Caribbean nation will not send a delegate to Miss Universe 2009 due to lack of sponsorship. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago was informed by Peter Elias in 2008 that it was difficult for him to find sponsorship and that he would no longer be able to fund the girls.
Year: 2008
1. This is the first time Venezuela won Miss Universe since Alicia Machado won Miss Universe 1996. This is the 5th time Venezuela has won the title.
2.For Miss Universe 2008 a new crown was unveiled. The 18k white and yellow gold crown was designed by CAO Fine Jewelry specifically for the event. With over 1,000 precious stones, including 44 carats of diamonds, the crown has a value of $120,000 (USD).
3. Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, slipped and fell down the stairs during the Evening Gown competition. This was the second year in a row that a Miss USA delegate fell during Evening Gown. This is also the first time in pageant history a contestant fell down during the Evening Gown competition in two consecutive pageants, from the same country, or from any country. Miss USA 2007, Rachel Smith, fell during Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico, and received boos after she made the Top Five contestants. After Stewart fell, she encouraged the audience to applaud by clapping her hands. She was eliminated after the Evening Gown Competition, finishing in eighth place.
4. Miss Pays de Loire, Laura Tanguy, represented France. She was second runner up in the Miss France competition, but the winner, Valérie Bègue, was banned after suggestive photos of her appeared in the media shortly after she was crowned. The first runner-up, Miss New Caledonia Vahinerii Requillart, decided to not compete in Miss Universe because she wanted to continue studying.
5. The winner of Miss Russia 2007 Ksenia Sukhinova was supposed to represent Russia, but due to her studies was replaced by her 2nd runner-up Vera Krasova. Later, Ksenia won the Miss World 2008.
6. Claudia Moro, was appointed as representative of her country instead of winning the title. Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, who originally was crowned Miss Spain, was disqualified because she did not meet the minimum age requirement by the time asked by the Miss Universe Organization.
7. In February 2008, Miss Universe organization president Paula Shugart announced that a Miss Kosovo would compete in Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Montenegro and Serbia had already announced that they would boycott the pageant if Kosovo participated. As Vietnam and Kosovo do not have diplomatic relations, the Vietnam government considered disallowing such participation since it opposes Kosovo's independence. In the end, Kosovo, Serbia, and Montenegro competed without incident. Kosovo's Zana Krasniqi made it to the finals, finishing sixth place.
8. Sacha Scott (Bahamas) is the daughter of Miss Bahamas 1982, Christina Thompson-Scott, who competed in Miss Universe 1983.
Year: 2007
1. In a strong showing not witnessed since Miss Universe 1988, Asian delegates fared well at this year's edition, with four Asian delegates (Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand) making it to the Top 15. The two special awards were also won by delegates of Asian nations (Philippines and China). Of the 125 semi-finalists named in the past ten years, only 14 were from Asia.
2. Philippines won the Miss Photogenic award for the seventh time (it has won this award three years in a row since 2005).
3. Following Montenegrin independence in 2006, Serbia and Montenegro competed separately in Miss Universe for the first time.
4. There were four Filipinos in the Miss Universe Pageant 2007. Ms. Germany, Ms. Norway, Ms. Philippines (of course) and the pageant's host Vanessa Minillo. Miss Germany Angelina Glass and Miss Norway Kirby Ann Basken are half-Filipino.
5.Miss Norway (Kirby Ann Basken) won the title of Mutya ng Pilipinas 2006, and went on to compete in Miss Intercontinental 2006, representing the Philippines, where she was a semifinalist.
6. Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim has the same name as Miss Lebanon 2004 (who competed at Miss Universe 2005). The two are unrelated.
7. In April 2007, controversy erupted over the proposed national costume of Rosa María Ojeda, Miss Mexico. The skirt of the costume depicted scenes from the Cristero War, a Roman Catholic rebellion in the 1920s in which thousands of people were killed, including hangings. The outfit included a bullet-studded belt and crucifix necklace. The design was chosen from over thirty others and had been intended to show Mexico's culture and history, but it elicited controversy amid claims it was in poor taste and inappropriate. Pageant owners said that the costume would be redesigned to include image of the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Year: 2006
1. The two tallest delegates were from West Africa: Miss Ghana (6 ft 2 in (1.88 m) and Miss Nigeria (6 ft 1 in (1.85 m).
2. Miss Indonesia, Nadine Chandrawinata, is half German. Anna Nashandi of Namibia represented her nation at Miss World 2006, and placed in the top 17.
3. The final competition evening gown for Miss USA Tara Conner was designed during a competition held on the reality television show Project Runway.
4. Miss Colombia's cousin was Miss Colombia 2005 (who failed to make the cut at Miss Universe 2005). Another cousin of hers is pop singer Shakira.
5. Miss Mauritius, Isabelle Antoo, is the sister of Miss Mauritius 2004, Magalie Antoo, who participated in the Miss Universe 2005 pageant in Thailand.
6. Nada Milinic, became the last contestant to represent Serbia & Montenegro at Miss Universe. In 2007, Serbia and Montenegro would send separate contestants because of the countries' division.
7. Zuleyka Rivera, the winner of Miss Universe 2006, had one of the shortest reigns of all, just about 10 months, since Miss Universe 2005, Miss Canada, won in May 2005.
8. This year featured the most delegates in the history of the pageant - 86.
Year: 2005
1. For the first time in the history of the pageant, Sweden did not send a representative to Miss Universe, although they returned for the 2006 pageant.
2. Cheryl Ankrah was originally crowned Miss Trinidad & Tobago but was dethroned after she was accused of not fulfilling her duties and becoming overweight. Although Ankrah initially got an injunction to prevent another pageant being held, a Judge overturned that and a second Miss Trinidad and Tobago pageant was held. The winner of the second pageant, who represented Trinidad & Tobago at Miss Universe, was Magdalene Walcott. Walcott was earlier a semi-finalist at the 53rd Miss World held in China.
3. Helene Tråsavik, (Norway), is half-Thai. Her mother is from Udonthani.
Year: 2004
1. Ana Karina Añez, failed to place, breaking Venezuela's twenty-one year streak of placements from 1983 to 2003. This had included consecutive top six placements since 1991.
Year: 2003
Manuela Osk Hardarsdottir of Iceland withdrew from the pageant, when a dehydration caused by the weather prevented her from competing in the Preliminaries. However, she stayed in Panama until the pageant was over, joined by her boyfriend.
India's Nikita Anand failed to place, breaking the 11 year Indian streak of placing in the Top 10 from 1992 to 2002 which produced 2 winners (1994-Sushmita Sen,2000-Lara Dutta), a 1st runner up (1995-Manpreet Brar), a 2nd runner up (1992-Madhu Sapre) and a 4th runner up (2001-Celina Jaitley).
Due to China's obstruction to the Miss Universe pageant in 2003, Miss Taiwan was forced to changed her sash label to Chinese Taipei. However, the organizer allowed Szu-Yu Chen to use Miss Taiwan sash out of stage, but Chinese Taipei sash on stage.
Year: 2002
1. The Parade of Nations was conducted outdoors in the streets of Old San Juan for the first time and the delegates all wore their national costumes. This format of the parade would continue until 2005, although from 2003-2005, the delegates did not wear their national costumes during the parade.
2. Christina Sawaya from Lebanon withdrew because she did not want to compete in the same pageant with Miss Israel.
3. This was the year that there was a high number of black representatives. A number of nations sent a black woman for the first time in their country's history. These countries were: Colombia (big favorite for the crown), Dominican Republic (another big favorite of the local media), Peru, Honduras, Mexico, and Sweden. The USA was also represented by a black woman that year. Ironically, none of the black representatives made the 10 that year, resulting in the creation of the term the 2002 Blackout.
Year: 2001
1. The organization invited Miss Russia 2001, Oxana Fedorova to attend the pageant. But Fedorova said she couldn't compete because of her studies, and that she would compete in 2002. Her 2nd runner-up, Oxana Kalandyrets, competed instead; and became a Top 10 finalist. In 2002, Fedorova won the contest.
2. Miss Spain 2001, Lorena van Heerde, could not compete in the pageant because she was underage (17 at the time). Her 1st runner-up, Eva Sisó, replaced her. Lorena was supposed then to compete in Miss Universe 2002 as well, but after a scandal -involving an undercover journalist- threatened the integrity of the Miss Spain pageant, van Heerde crowned her successor and cut all ties with the organization.
3. Miss Brazil (Juliana Borges) was heavily criticized after openly admitting to the media that she had about 17 plastic surgeries done.
4. The only top ten finalist to wear a maillot swimsuit, Miss Nigeria, was given low scores, compared to other contestants.
Year: 2000
1. Nicosia (Cyprus) being the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty, and alluding to the Judgement of Paris, the organizers presented a golden apple as a prize to the pageant's winner.
Year: 1999
1. This was the first time in pageant history that two black women won the title two years in a row. Miss Trinidad & Tobago Wendy Fitzwilliam won the previous year. The year also showed a strong showing for African delegates, being the first time ever to have 3 of the 10 semifinalists. Ghana (marking its first placement ever) placed in the top ten, South Africa in the top five, with Botswana winning the crown.
2. Miss Guam, Tisha Elaina Heflin, was disqualified before the prelims for allegedly being pregnant. Although the Miss Guam Universe Organization reported she had fallen ill, she still made the records by becoming the first Miss Guam to ever pull out of the pageant.
3. In light of the pageant controversy surrounding Miss Guam's disqualification due to a rumored pregnancy, Miss Botswana Mpule Kwelagobe's final question on the night of the live telecast was whether she thought a Miss Universe who became pregnant should be allowed to continue her reign. Mpule enthusiastically responded that a pregnant Miss Universe should not relinquish her crown, but instead "celebrate her femininity!". Her frank, effortless and spontaneous answer to this controversial question that stumped the two other finalists (Philippines and Spain) would meet with the approval of the audience, as evidenced by the applause she received, and would earn her the title that night.
4. This was the first year since 1976 that a candidate from the USA failed to make the semifinals.
5. Miss Universe Title winner, Mpule Kwelagobe, was Botswana's first-ever candidate to compete at Miss Universe Pageant. She also represented her country in the 1997 Miss World Pageant.
6. Miss Philippines candidate Miriam Quiambao tripped on the stage during the evening gown preliminaries but eventually got into the Top 3 and won the first runner-up title.
7. Two contestants from Miss Universe 1999 are deceased. Russia, Alexandra Petrova was shot and killed in 2000 by an unidentified gunman in her apartment at the Volga River city of Cheboksary. Zambia, Esanju Kalopa was killed in a car accident in late October 2005.
Year: 1998
1. In 1998, Miss Universe changed its name from Miss Universe, Inc. to Miss Universe Organization. Donald Trump brought in a new team of professionals to the contest headed by its new CEO, Molly Miles, and president Maureen Reidy. Miles coined the slogan "Redefined for Today" for promotion of the pageants. That year, the new Miss Universe logo was born: The Woman with the Stars, which is still used today.
2. Joyce Giraud (Puerto Rico) and Miss Russia (Anna Malova) competed together in Miss World 1994. Both were unplaced.
Year: 1997
1. George Hamilton, when announcing the Top 10, accidentally said 1970 instead of 1997.
2. One of the Semifinalists, Nafisa Joseph from India, committed suicide in 2004.
Year: 1995
1. In addition to the cash prize, the winner also received ownership of an elephant, which was named after her.
2. For the first time, no European countries made it into the semifinals.
3. Miss USA, Chelsie Smith is the second black winner of the Miss Universe Pageant since 1977.
Year: 1994
1. Colombia Carolina Gómez, made history when it was the only time in which a country won the first runner-up three consecutive times since 1992.
2. Carolina Gómez of Colombia was the only candidate to hold the record as the highest ever score in preliminary round in the history of Miss Universe, when she scored 9.897 in the evening gown competition.
3. India won a title for the first time.
4. Inna Zobova (Russia), was detained for 15 hours in a windowless room at an airport in Bangkok, Thailand en route to Manila because she did not have a transit visa.
5. Miss Malaysia Liza Koh, made a public apology on behalf of her country about the arrest of 1200 Filipina maids in Kuala Lumpur. This led to a warning from the Malaysian Foreign Minister not to make political remarks.
6. Miss Mauritius Vivica Babajee, was a very controversial figure due to her involvement in the 1994 Metro Manila Film Fest Scandal. She was a presenter for the Best Actress award together with actress Gretchen Barretto, an award which was very much disputed.
7. Venna Melinda (Indonesia), who was not allowed to compete in the pageant because of her country's attitudes towards the swimsuit competition, traveled to Manila to watch the pageant as an observer.
8. When Charlene Gonzales (Philippines) won the Best National Costume award, the judges were criticized for favouring the host nation's delegate. Delia Jon Baptiste, who represented the British Virgin Islands, publicly declared that Gonzales won the award because of favouritism and that the other delegates disagreed with the choice.