A Jodi Made in Heaven - Meet Vashita Mehra and Chris Powell

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Band Baajaa Bride - It's back, it's more opulent than ever, and it's where dreams become a reality. Brace yourselves for season 5 of Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyasachi, the Jodi special. That's right, this time the groom won't be left out of the royal treatment. Do you believe in second chances? We sure do. The first wedding this season reiterates this belief. Ex-army officer, Vashita Mehra, is all set to start a new chapter of her life with her second marriage to Chris Powell, former drummer of the band Euphoria. The most excited attendant of this wedding, her son. In this episode we see the whole family live out their wedding wishes. With a showstopper Sabyasachi trousseau and endless surprises and pampering from the BBB team, this wedding is everything our bride dreamt of. Tune in for the Premiere of Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyasachi, season 5.

Season 5
Always loved being in the spotlight, Freishia has over 10 years of theatre experience and international films, corporate events and Indian TV commercials to her name, having worked with stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif! A travel lover, big foodie, and an instant hit with people our Mumbai girl Freishia joined NDTV Good Times as an anchor on our popular travel series Hangout Amreeka. Since then there has been no looking back, she has hosted many other fashion based events on the channel like Lakme Fashion Week, India Couture Week etc Now, catch her as she’s ready to light up the lives of our beloved brides with #BBB5.
The tall and handsome Bharat Arora started predominantly as a fashion model in Delhi and walked the ramp for some of the renowned designers, and was also the official model for Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer’10 (Mumbai). He then went on to do a lot of print and TV commercials for some brands like Orange, Motorola, Yamaha, and became a known face in the television industry with his appearances in serials such as Remix, Kahin Toh Hoga and Kayamath. On Band Baajaa Bride, he becomes the confidante of the brides and support and helps them smile through their spectacular journey as they finally walk the aisle.
Ambika Anand joined NDTV Good Times in 2007 and since then she has travelled across most fashion capitals, right from New York to Milan to Paris to London where she interviewed some of the world's best fashion designers, which includes Tommy Hilfiger, John Galliano (DIOR), and Frida Giannini (GUCCI), to name a few. To make the most of Ambika's highly well-tuned, urbane and unique perspective on Lifestyle, we asked her to do a few travel, fashion and wedding shows. 

Bride's Guide

Skin-care tips for the brides-to-be by Dr. Geeta Oberoi (Skin & You).
Radiant and flawless skin is just what every woman wants. And if we talk about the bride-to-be, there's always so much of pressure on her to look resplendent and glowing on her big day. However, there are no quick-fixes to get glowing from the inside out, unless you prepare your skin well in advance. For the likes of brides-to-be, we have some essential skin care tips from Dr. Geeta Oberoi (Skin & You), to bring the glow in your heart right onto your skin.

Home Remedies: Papaya is great for beautiful skin. Eating papaya aids elimination of toxins! A ripe papaya is very effective when it comes to removal of dead skin. Just apply mashed papaya pulp on the face minus the eyes, keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse it off!
Cleanse your skin the natural way: a) Mix strawberries, oatmeal and milk cream and apply it to your face for 15 minutes.
b) Dab watermelon juice on your face to reduce wrinkles.
c) For a natural bleached look, apply cucumber juice on your face.
Face Packs: Mix some besan, egg yolk and milk and apply it on your skin if you would like to avoid wrinkles.
Make sure as a bride you are not suffering from bad breath. You should brush, floss and use a mouthwash twice a day. If the problem persists, see a dentist.
Meet your dentist: If your teeth need cleaning or you are worried about the shape of your teeth, get an appointment with your dentist months before your wedding.
If it’s your wedding today, remember to eat well, throw your mobile phone away, don’t use social media for last minute invites, smile and be charming. Have a great time!

Make Up: Someone once told me: always dress well; you never know whom you might meet! It’s not just about your clothes. It’s also about your make up. Make sure you carry the basics in your bag: Kajal and Mascara have the power to make your eyes look alive and vibrant. Be patient and find a lip gloss or a bright lipstick (from the family of fucsia/red/coral/orange) that will add instant glamour to your face. Last but not the least, a blush to add color and definition! In case you have pores or scars then don’t wear a blush with iridescent particles, they will highlight your flaws.

Workout: If you want to change your body or lose some weight before your wedding, give yourself time, 6 months to a year! Figure out how much you want to lose and work on the loss in a targeted manner. About 70-80% of losing weight is credited to ‘what you eat’ and the balance is about the work out. Losing weight entails a lot of discipline so be strong as you take the plunge to Destination Fit!

Hair Care: Pre-wedding hair care is a lot about getting your fitness in order! Figure out the problem and find a hair doctor who can find a solution. Try hair spas and home care packs, a popular one is a mixture of eggs, yogurt, lemon juice and a dash of coffee! If you feel your mane needs serious work, you could visit a hair spa and pamper your scalp with protein rich hair pack, oils, shampoos and hair conditioners.

Don’t ignore the power of a belt as an accessory. Whether it is a jewel encrusted belly belt worn over a saree or a thick or thin waist belt on a dress, belts are great as they cinch the waist and add a dash of felinity to any outfit.

What to pack for your honeymoon: Denim on denim, crop top, a mini skirt with a peplum top, graphic or tropical prints – anything that looks good and is equally comfortable. Also you don’t need to pack in for all the days. You just might want to shop!

Footwear on the honeymoon: Apart from at least a pair of heels and flats, do flirt with the wedge sneaker. The high performance workout/running shoe has become mainstream. Stalk your favorite celebs online and you’ll know many of them literally run their errands in these shoes! It’s a great option to pack these trainers – apart from comfortable travelling they might just encourage you to do a quick run at your honeymoon destination!

Quick fixes: A bride can’t be seen with chipped nail paint! Keep a kit handy with nail file, nail paint remover and nail polish. If your hair is oily but there is no time for a wash and blow dry, panic not. Get yourself a Dry Shampoo, it soaks up the oil, gives a fresh look and saves time! Someone dropped food or wine on your outfit? Panic not, just clean the stain with soda water and you’re good to go!

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Mentor Sabyasachi
Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the design genius who with a single touch can transform the girl next door into a vintage diva. His designs are all about a classic sensuality. The Sabyasachi bridal charm is a cut above the rest which makes him a hit with the critics and classes alike! Lending his expertise and name to this season of the show, Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyasachi, will see brides being created like never before!
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