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Weddings come with a lot of bounties and baggage. But what I don't understand, as I interact with a lot of brides is why grooming isn't an integral part of our lives across the board.

The college going girl in the Indian metros is hot, chic and up-to-the-minute with the latest styles. She has a body that could be a supermodel's whether or not her vocation calls for it or not!

But in many other parts of the country women look at intensive grooming only months before the wedding! Looking and feeling good needs to be a part your life.

So here's a guide for one and all:

  1. Go get your skin sorted in time. Medicated stuff is the best option so visit your dermatologist ASAP.

2. I don't understand the Indian fascination for the term 'HEAVY'....why is it that the amount of Swarovski on your lehenga and dupatta determine the beauty of a bride on the most important day of her life?

Why can't people be desperate to wear a Chikan sari or a Patola sari or a Kanchivaram, a weave that has history comparable to the institution of marriage?

3. Many Indian brides who are in their early 20s and getting the title of the 'respectable Mrs', have so much playing on their minds -- from losing their independence to just being nervous about the choices that lie ahead...
So I feel the drama that the Indian Wedding is synonymous with is meant to distract young brides from their woes!

4. Also many people abuse their hair throughout their lives with hair colour, re-bonding, streaking etc without realising that they need to take EXTRA care of their hair post every chemical treatment or the after effects can be detrimental.
Grooming needs to be a constant, like eating food or having vitamins.

5. Workout is the essence of life and you don't need to tackle the cellulite just months before the wedding. How about strolling on the streets with a six pack under the vibrant layers?

It's tragic but true, post 30 or in the early 30s, your metabolism goes down. As a result the chance of your putting on the extra kilos for the same work out increases tremendously.

So the answer is to find a great workout that suits you or just hire a fabulous personal trainer! I am still looking for one, so if you have any suggestions mail me at!
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