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Lights, camera, action and here comes a lovely young lass trudging down the runway, fluttering eyelashes and wagging a curly tail! Yes, make no mistake, we are talking about a glamourous doggies' do.

And if you wish that your little cuddly, furry best friend wins laurels in dog shows, just follow what we found out about how to get noticed.

There are different categories for dogs in dog shows like working dogs which help in daily chores, they are quick to adapt. Gundogs, or hunting dogs, comprise retrievers, pointers and spaniels.

Toy dogs consist of small breeds including chihuahua, French bulldog and pug. There are utility dogs, “Many consider dalmatians as utility dogs, because you don't really know how to categorise them,” says Jean, dog show judge.

The list of categories in a dog show is endless, other important factors are level of obedience and temperament.
Concurs Freya, a dog show enthusiast and a pet owner, “A disciplined dog is a good dog, it understands you, is less stressful. It's the owner's responsibility that the dog doesn't go around barking and attacking people.”

Fitness and good looks are important factors as well, the condition of the dog, has to be strong and firm.

Jean adds, “Generally the purpose of a dog show is to look for a good breeding stock.
The dog breeders generally look out for the feno type or the gene type. That's where the art of dog breeding comes to fore.”
Feno type deals with only beautiful ones, while gene type focusses on the pure breed.

That's not all, it's not just dogs that are judged at dog shows, handlers are under the scanner too.

Jean asserts, “A lot depends on the dog handlers, how well they handle their dogs but you can also spot a good dog irrespective of the efficiency of the handler. Children are very competitive when it comes to dog handling.”

Lastly training a dog isn't rocket science, all it needs is a consistent behaviour towards the dog. “You need to understand the dog's mind,” sums up Freya. So, are you and your bow-wow ready for the runway?

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