Roofus - A man among dogs!

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So you want to meet my dog, my family? The First Rule – My wife is not friendly! Don't worry about the dog, beware of the wife!
Let me introduce you to Roofus, a man among dogs! It's the worst thing I could say about him.

Now Roofus baba is pricey. He charges more than Milind Soman, and I don't mean for modelling! So if you are lonely bow-wow aunty just give me a' learn more about Roofus and his life in Malabar Hills, where the poor live!

Roofus has been used in MTV Bakra in a lot of gags.
One that I loved doing, was to go up to a taxi driver and tell him, “Look, I have a friend, he's new and needs to go to the railway station.
Can you drop him? I'll pay you Rs 300 for what is a Rs 50 fare.”

“Just look after him as he is bhola bhala and naya. I've got to run for a meeting.” Then I come quickly put Roofus in the back of the car and run off to a designated hideout.

I got such fabulous reactions! Out of five Bakras four of them absolutely panicked! One refused to open the back door, he was too scared. One just ran off leaving his cab!

Only one wonderful guy actually started the car but we had to stop him before he took my dog away.
He was amazing...that's the great thing about our country. This guy accepted this as a good offer and something he had to do.

He was seriously going to take the dog to Dadar Station and leave him there to board his train back to his native place!
It was an eye opener, there are more animal lovers in India than you think.

The funny thing about having a dog is without them the house is empty.
There is no real noise happening except for the kids, which is a recent phenomenon in my home.
So we need the dog, he's the springboard for everybody.

He's almost like this one connecting plug and everyone revolves around him. If he's not there, there's no conversation. You can say anything you want to your dog.

I tell him all kinds of dirty things! In fact, he puts his hands on his ears to say, “Stop it, too much information!” He's disgusted very often.
But it's a great stress reliever having a dog.

Looking at it absolutely from a clinical point of view, there are many Positives – Your stress is relieved, you can chat with him. You don't have to call a friend to say, “How much you hate your job and blah..blah..blah.”

So it's great having a dog and the best part is they never talk back. I wish I could get a wife like that!
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