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“Roti, Kapdaa aurMakaan”…yes you guessed it right! But apart from being a famous yesteryear movie, this has quite been the Indian story too. However, things are changing rapidly. And now that the above have been pocketed, the new requirement in every household is a pet. Twelve thousand years ago, man struck it lucky when he domesticated the dog. Through the simplest of gestures, reaching down to pat a dog on the head in appreciation for a task well done, a beautiful friendship was born. Today, this bond remains unchanged and the world over, the dog is recognized as the most selfless of animals.

It has been quite rightly said that "A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself." Many owners would agree that dogs are more than just pets. Their unalloyed loyalty, affection & warmth have transformed them into our guardian angels, confidantes, healers, heroes and ultimately our friends. In fact it is believed that no matter how poor we are, having a dog makes us rich. On a more practical level though, owning a dog will demand a lot of your time and a little money.

What you will need… • A dog house or a dog bed. Home is where the heart is! Likewise, a dog needs a warm, cozy place to call its own. & not just that, this develops a sense of belonging in the dog, the very first and basic domestic training lesson. • Chew toys like soft balls, bones and tugs among others for the dog to engage himself in more constructive activities. • Dog Lead and collar; an essential for exercising your dog. But remember; never leash your dog against a wall or a gate or any other stationary object. Let him be free and let him move around. • Good quality food and water bowls. Like the dog house or bed, the dog’s feeding bowl will act as a second lesson in training. He will not get into the habit of wanting to eat every time he finds his master munching. • Grooming accessories such as brushes, combs and shampoos. Don’t forget, a nail clipper. • A suitable sized pet carrier or traveling harness.

Responsible ownership…

The look at a healthy dog speaks volumes not only about the care, love and affection showered by its owner, but also shouldering of all responsibilities in the best manner possible.

• Vaccination

You dog’s growth, health and future is completely dependent on timely vaccination. All good veterinarian clinics issue a vaccination Card which is used to enter data pertaining to not just the vaccination, but a general check–up, growth and health for the dog. Should there be a need for a visit to a vet, this data comes in handy.

• Identity

To prevent your dog from getting lost, be sure he/she has a collar and an identity tag. More permanent forms of identification include tattooing and Micro Chipping, the latter being convenient while traveling abroad with your dog.

• Insurance

Some breeds are disposed to health problems and insurance is a sensible way to cope with veterinary costs.

Pedigree or Crossbreed…?

Though pedigree dogs may cost more than crossbreed, but a Pedigree surely has advantages over the crossbreed. Pedigrees have a predictable temperament, have proven abilities and conform to a particular size, weight and medical profile. In this way a pedigree can be more easily matched to the needs of the owner. For example, golden retrievers are well known for their easy temperament and for being good with children. By contrast, a crossbred cannot be predefined; the personality and appearance of a crossbreed can only be guessed as the parentage is very often unknown. Purebred or half-breed…large breed or small…bungalow or apartment, you might need the dog or you might just want it. But before you do decide to go ahead with the idea of adding another member to your family; be sure and certain that you will have to devote time and effort to bring up the pup for it to be a healthy dog for the rest of his life…!

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Rajat Handa, a businessman by occupation, is an animal lover, pet aficionado and an avid horse rider based in New Delhi. By way of his company Asha Medical, he works towards bringing the very latest and best veterinary science technologies to the country of India. His meticulously designed Pet Store in Chandigarh, “Animal Kingdom…The Pet Mall”, is a one-stop solution for all your pet’s needs including a fully equipped Veterinary Clinic, modern grooming Parlor and even a library.

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