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Well …thanks for writing in your queries to ‘Ask Ambika…’Now after having read most of your queries I realised that the majority of the problems pertain to the following:

1. Weight Loss 2. Acne and Pimples/Skin Issues 3. Rough Hair 4. Wedding Shopping

Now weight loss or getting the perfect body is something like getting the perfect relationship. It requires a lot of work and dedication. Just like a human relationship has to be made cheat proof …so should your love affair with your body. That entails lots of healthy eating and lots of work out. All the damsels that can be seen on the covers of magazines prescribe to the rules unless they are genetically blessed. The Diet Regime is something that varies for every individual, so it will be a fabulous idea to meet a dietician or a nutritionist to create the perfect diet that will keep in to consideration your health issues. They spent years studying the subject because there is a science behind it. So go out there and seek professional help!

Work outs are important…they are the secret behind every person who looks ‘super young’. The options are…swimming…yoga…pilates…power plate…running…circuit training at the gym….when you are bored of your work out…just find a new one!!! Start enjoying working out and only then will you make it a part of your daily life and get a natural glow and burn the extra calories.

God helps those who help themselves…so get up and fix your weight issues now!


For the last 20 years my father has rough dark patches on his knuckles and suddenly a month ago they magically disappeared and he had beautiful, fair hands!!!!!!!!!! His secret…well the doctor asked him to eat OMEGA 3, 6, 9 pills. So you may do extensive research on your skin issues…but a good doctor is the best person to point out your deficiency and bring a permanent end to your skin and hair woes!! However a great temporary solution for a bad hair day is a visit to the parlour…a hair spa, a fabulous blow dry is the ‘look like a rock star’ recipe!

WEDDING SHOPPING For the main events:

Once you have figured out the functions you are having, imagine your dream look for each event. Don’t let practicality ruin the drama that an indian wedding lets you embrace…especially if you are the protagonist. Enjoy being the belle of the ball…and if you don’t want to spend a lakh on something you will not wear again…then discuss with the designer the option of ‘PRATICALATING’ it later!!!

For instance if your outfit has a huge puff…then once your wedding event is over you can ask the designer to remove the excess CAN CAN or if your lehenga …blouse and the duppatta are super heavy…get extras made that will help the element have a longer life

With the duppatta get a plain suit made!

With the Lehenga get a plain blouse and duppatta!

With the blouse get a plain chiffon sari!!!

Enjoy the entire process. Go out there and try on different colours and silhouettes. TRY clothes and don’t judge them by seeing clothes on hangers!!! Also something that looked good on your friend…may not suit use!!


Refrain from buying 51 clothes and making your parents burn cash! Just pick 11 clothes and stop! Fashion keeps changing …let your wedding period not be the last time you shop till you drop!

Good Luck!!
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