Pandit ji Said So

Posted By: Karuna Ezara Parikh                

I’m going to tell you a very personal true story from my life. Sometime in 2009 when I was trying hard to find and gift my life some sort of direction, my best friend, a true spiritualist, convinced me to see his face reader. Whether it’s faces, palms, stars or tea leaves, I take the readings of body parts and leftovers, with a healthy sprinkle of salt. As my dad told me recently after I suffered a minor health fiasco, “If you don’t have enough salt, your BP will drop, and then god knows what you’re head will imagine.” When my friend ushered me into a room with a bald man in ascetic robes, I all but burst into giggles. He looked me straight in the eye and told me when I’d be married by, what sort of husband I would have, and whether he would be rich. Disappointed by the emphasis on marriage, I asked, “But what about my career?” I had at that point been working as a journalist for three years already. I’d had my name in print enough times for a byline to have lost its charm, and the sentence, “I’ve got a deadline!” no longer made me feel like Lois Lane. I was tired of writing inept pieces and I was tired of the relationship Pandit ji had just told me would blossom into a wedding in 2012. I wanted something more exciting. He looked at my face (read it?) for a long time. His eyes really did seem to drill into one. And then he said, “Wait, and work will come to you. You will be offered a job that will involve you traveling around the Earth. Everywhere…you will go everywhere. And you will meet people, and talk to them. The other side to this job will be that people will see your face, and know your name.”

My best friend and I had laughed then, and pondered over his vision and what ‘work’ this could possibly be. Finally, I wrote down Pandit ji’s prophesies in a diary, closed it, and got on with my life, tiring relationship and all. Cut to 2011 and the boyfriend was gone, I finally felt like I was coming out of my slump, and though I couldn’t say why, I sensed direction might be just around the corner. And then the phone rang and a friend who worked at NDTV said, “Would you like to host a travel show?” One audition and two meetings later, I was flying to The Maldives – a place I had heard one only travels to for exotic Honeymoons.

It’s been a year since that first trip, and the lovely people at NDTV Good Times asked if I’d write about the exhilarating experience the last annum has been. I’m going to document each place with the help of memories, diaries kept, and of course photographs. I often get emails from people who have watched the show, asking for more information on the destinations. It’s hard to fit huge experiences into a half an hour slot. I hope this column manages to expand on those experiences, and let you partake of the joy and adventure that I’ve been blessed enough to have.

(Karuna Ezara Parikh hosts Life’s A Beach for NDTV Good Times. She is also a print journalist and has a novel due for release this summer. )
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