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5 years, 15 countries, 55 adventure sports, 105 destinations and countless dreams fulfilled – have I had a good time? Hell…yeah!

The journey of my 'Good Times' started 5 years ago with the birth of India’s first lifestyle channel NDTV Good Times. It’s in retrospect that I realise how fortunate I have been. I often get to hear that I have the best job in the world. Each time I hear that I feel that we don’t appreciate what we have as often as we can and as often as we should.

We are so caught up pointing out the flaws, complaining, venting focussing all our energies on what’s not working rather than celebrating WHAT IS! The blessings, the unexpected joys, the surprise gifts, the beauty around us, the blossoming of a flower, the help from a stranger, basically the good hair days!

It’s like when there’s a rainbow in the sky, we complaint about not finding the pot of gold at the end without realising that we are completely overlooking that we are witnessing one of the most amazing natural phenomenon on our planet.

So looking back at the 5 years of travel, there’s joy & there’s contentment but to single out 5 experiences of them all is a truly hard task. This is my miserable attempt. 5 experiences I recommend,

- fly in the air like a bird,
- swim under water like a fish,
- climb up a hill like the goat,
- be a nomad for a few months of your life; and
- push your boundaries beyond you give yourself credit for.

5 places not to miss

- a cool hilltop in summertime,
- the warm seaside in peak winters,
- a rainforest in the rains,
- a dessert in beautiful spring,
- the closest most beautiful day on your weekly off.

Find what feels closest to home and farthest from your imagination and head in that direction.

I often hear friends give many excuses not to travel, mostly they are just 3,
- lack of time,
- company or
- money.

I feel, it really is lack of intent, initiative and effort.

Working round the year and round the clock and still managing personal holidays – I rule out lack of time, you can cover great distances without crossing many miles. Travelling on my own – I rule out company, travelling by yourself does not mean you’re alone. And after having travelled across the world on a budget – I rule money out of the way, a luxurious holiday does not have to be expensive!

But still if I must here are my 5 picks -

Iceland for the Aurora Borealis
Masai Mara for the Big 5
Benrue in Nagaland for its magic
The Himalays - anywhere, everywhere, each region has its own unique charm and different times of the year is a new experience - even the monsoons
Moravia in Czech Republic - walk along the beautiful wine country and you will make a new Czech family by the end of the hike.

Experiences, cliche but have to do them -

Sky Diving over the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand
Scuba Diving in the magical blue of the Maldives
The trek to the living root bridges in Meghalaya, ingenous and a fine example of man and nature working hand in hand literally
Drinking Stout at a local pub in Ireland - go there alone, you'll easily find friends
A biking/driving trip from Delhi to Ladakh - do carry your sleeping bag and camera

So surprise yourselves and the ones you love – go on a holiday not just a vacation.

Keep on keep on travelling!
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