Victory of good over bad

Posted By: Poonam Srivastava/Atika Singh                

As we celebrate Dussehra this week, it is a good reminder to revisit the fight of good over evil the festival represents which also happens to be quite topical these days. Many of us would be aware that King Ravana was also a great scholar and is quite respected in some southern regions. It goes to show that there is no absolute bad or good but we all have some traits of both types in our personalities. We all end up making mistakes sometimes intended, sometimes unintentionally. Even Sita as the story goes in the epic Ramayana crossed the Lakshamana Rekha and broke her promise leading to so much suffering for herself and many others. Instead of crucifying individuals by tainting them right or wrong which maybe circumstantially consequential, it is advisable to focus on redemption by finding ways of mending the future from things that have gone wrong in the past.

As a society today we are in a great flux with our faith and moral values getting shaken by a lot of distrust that is being raked up by controversies in the public arena. We all have some role to play here instead of just being mute bystanders. We can begin by taking charge in our personal lives and putting up small steps of improvement to show we care about the values we believe in.

As the ten headed Ravana’s effigy is burnt, it is a good exercise to say carry out a self evaluation exercise by listing your ten devilish qualities that you would like to see changed or banished from your personality. Similarly instead of just making it a demoralizing negative effort, let it also be positive by then listing ten of your best positive qualities that make you proud of your personality. Let it be a reminder to us that we can strive to bring out more of our positive nature over our negative characteristics in our daily lives and work towards this goal actively. Do share any such stories of personal victory that you may have achieved where the good in you overcame the bad successfully in your personal, professional or community life.

I would like to conclude by suggesting a little game you could play like a quiz. Think of the many objects around you that can be used for both good and bad purposes. For example a knife can be used to cut vegetables to cook a dish, or it can be used by a murderer to kill someone. A blade can be used to shave by a man while it can be used by a depression patient to commit suicide and so on. The blade and knife are inert innocent objects but the intention of the users makes the end purpose and their result good or bad. Similarly nothing is absolute good or bad but with potential of both so let us make an effort to help bring out the good over bad!

(Poonam Srivastava is a Delhi based writer who has published books and articles on subjects of social innovation and practical spirituality. She also actively volunteers her time to promote causes related to these spheres.)

(Atika Singh is a post graduate in Counseling Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences and graduate in History from Delhi University. She has been actively involved in the emotional counseling space; and is passionate about empowering individuals to deal with their personal and professional issues, and achieve greater success. She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.)
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