Karva Chauth beyond rituals, a true bonding of hearts

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I overheard some people jokingly narrate an incident about Karva Chauth which actually saddened me. A husband and wife ended up arguing in the morning when the husband’s sleep was disturbed because the wife woke up early morning to prepare for the day’s fast! And when the husband started complaining the wife was quick to retort that she was forced to celebrate the festival because of the husband and his family’s compulsions. They were solely to be blamed for causing her and themselves all the discomfort. So much so for the sprit of celebration!

On a merrier note I have known other couples for whom Karva Chuath has been a special day of love, bonding and togetherness. In some of these cases the husbands have also volunteered to fast for their wives’ well being and longevity, such is the sense of equal participation and camaraderie amongst the spouses. In-fact it is quite recommended for the men to pitch in which makes it a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. While for the wives needless to mention it’s a day of dressing up, mehndi, bangles, pampering and what have you.

Karva Chauth, unlike one’s wedding anniversary is an interesting community festival of celebrating the life of a married couple. Its mythological tales relate how a spouse can even reverse negative destiny through the power of prayer and well wishes for your partner. Hence it’s a great day to express and share love and care for our beloved which we might miss doing in the hustle bustle of daily living. Further it is also a family festival which helps in closer bonding of especially the women folk like mothers in laws and daughters in laws. They exchange gifts and pray together forgetting bitterness of relationships that might be strained on account of petty sundry matters.

The children are only too happy to hang around the elders and be on the prowl for the first sighting of the moon. It’s a great way of educating the younger generation, making them appreciate our heritage and cultural traditions which are kept alive through observance of such festivals. We are fortunate that even today our past remains a valuable part of our present.

Why not make this Karva Chauth a day of special reckoning by spending some quality peaceful time together with your spouse to the backdrop of all the festivities. Rekindle the romance by pledging to have your relationship work better through investment of fresh energy and time on a regular basis as a couple.

(Poonam Srivastava is a Delhi based writer who has published books and articles on subjects of social innovation and practical spirituality. She also actively volunteers her time to promote causes related to these spheres.)

(Atika Singh is a post graduate in Counseling Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences and graduate in History from Delhi University. She has been actively involved in the emotional counseling space; and is passionate about empowering individuals to deal with their personal and professional issues, and achieve greater success. She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.)
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