Dreams do come true

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Dreams do come true and this one was made of chocolates and cheese, cycling in picturesque vineyards and tasting wines, visiting castles and hiking on stunning Alps and basically having the time of your life in the romantic capital of Bollywood - Switzerland!

One only hears of winning all paid Holiday contests in the movies, we just dreamt how awesome it would be to enjoy a lovely vacation in Switzerland before our flying season begins in October. We ( Anita & Avi ) run a Paragliding School- Templepilots. We both are pilots and the thought of flying together in the Swiss Alps was very heady.

We never thought going around gorgeous locales with a very savvy and efficient TV crew shooting us would be so much fun! We never thought we would make such great friends at the end of it.

Right from our first day zipping around full speed on the 'Alpine Coaster' on top of the Glacier 3000, goofing around in the snow like kids to gorging on chocolates and cheese, not to mention getting a little buzzed on the most amazing wine we have ever tasted. Neha and the crew were with us, enjoying our wonder and joy as if it was theirs. There were no instructions except 'just be yourselves'!

Where else could we get the experience of living in one of the most grand hotels in the world, the 'Beau Rivage' overlooking the Lake Geneva; of exploring a castle with fantastic stories to tell; of learning how to make a cocktail in honour of Charlie Chaplin; of going around in the cutest trains ever winding up the mountain with spectacular views of the lake and the forests…

On our way down we even did a jig in the open end of a carriage, much to the amusement of onlookers. Then, we were off to a delicious lunch at 'La Deck': another gorgeous view with a yummy lunch with Neha.

The best part was cycling around one of the 10 most picturesque routes in Switzerland. There was something about the cycle ride…

The next day we strolled aimlessly through the farmer's market. How I love local wares, freshly baked breads, veggies, and lots of bright flowers!

We ended the morning by eating delicious macaroons being distributed by Mandy & Neha…super yummy!

What we take away from the trip is memories of a land blessed with natural beauty and also of the people who safeguard and respect it. I remember an evening along the lake where all of us (the team & us) were enjoying a beautiful sunset. It was spilling golden over the water, the birds were flying across the sky, there was a gentle breeze, and as if angels had descended on that scene…there was a rainbow!
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