A Start To The Finish Line

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Ok to be perfectly honest with you, I really don’t know where to start. Never really written a blog before, but heck. I’ll give it a shot. Never really felt the need to earlier but when there is so much excitement happening in one’s life I believe that you must share it.

Well it all started on a Thursday night, I don’t really remember the date when I was called by NDTV to audition for this "auto show" the next morning. I’m guessing that it went well and before I knew it, the shooting for 2 For The Road had started.

And what a magical start it was. I am a big Formula 1 fan. So you can imagine the excitement when I was told that the Buddh International Circuit was where we were starting the episode. Just when you are about five minutes away you start realising the scale of this place, the quality of work that has been put into it. "It is grand!" I said a million times. Of course Kim was excited as well but she had been to an F1 race before, but never on the track.

Getting onto the track, seeing the start points of the cars, the digital lights that start off the race and of course all the pitstops of all the drivers; from Vettel to Alonso. It made me feel like they were standing right there. Right next to me.

And then guess what happened? I walk out of the circuit and my producer hands me the keys to a BMW M 5 and says "That’s your ride for the day". Ok I really tried to contain my excitement and be professional but I don’t think I controlled it very well. It was all over my face.

I had never driven that car before and I had heard so much about it. It was a performance oriented car but the first thing that hit me was the color. What a beauty. Better still was the fact that only I was getting to drive it. Not Kim.

Getting behind the wheels of that baby was amazing. What a car, swanky interiors and does it zip. I have loads to tell you you about that car but I guess when you see the episode, you will get a better picture of what I really think about the car.

I've always wanted to anchor a travel or an auto show. I am getting to do both here. It is like living your dream. I have many other dreams like driving a Ferrari, flying an aircraft, river rafting. Is anyone listening? I just might be getting used to having my dreams turn into reality.
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