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Travel is an extension of one’s self, an expression, exhilaration and a very very personal experience. Yet, with the new world of connectivity its evident that travel experiences , as personal as they may be, compel us to shout about them as our status messages.

Now I’m no expert on trends. I’ve never been one to follow, make or break and most definitely not write about it. But, if I must, with my little experience and plenty of travels, here’s what I think…

Internet has changed everything - the way we work, play, learn, live and definitely how we travel. And in more ways than one can imagine – it’s not just checking the rates and looking for agent contacts or packages for family on Google anymore. The Internet has now become instrumental to holiday, it has progressed from booking to planning and then executing.

Social media in the past year has escalated by multi-folds – every morning I wake up to “ leaving for Paris this weekend” , “it’s snowing in Musoorie”, “planning to go rafting in Rshikesh”, “any suggestions of a cheap place to stay in Dublin?”. More and more people are now mining their social networks for travel tips and there is an endless sea of information out there, reliable or unreliable, at the least it’s personal.

The one thing the web is never short of is people blogging about their travels – with an urgency we all want to share the new world that we have just been exposed to, the good, bad and the ugly, in words, photographs or just comments. We all turn into somewhat of experts that have a deep rooted need to show-off as we expand our travel diary – and there is no dearth of takers. Facebook and Twitter for tips, TripAdvisor with over 30 million reviews for feedback, Google maps for navigation. But as Internet opens a whole new world with tips, budget travel, best deals, advices creating a whole new decade of couch surfing and e-asy travel, the ease sometimes, seems to take the edge away.

I am a traveller-explorer almost from a time where being taken from one place to another on four wheels was a novelty, but there’s no denying that the world is changing very rapidly. So, 2012 for me was a year of observing people using the most powerful gadgets to find places where they can disconnect unplug and unwind.
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