Lessons of Life from Life of Pi!

Posted By: Atika Singh and Poonam Srivastav                

Life of Pi, in more ways than one demonstrated the power of human potential and courage. The high impact movie with brilliant life like graphics and of course the awesome visual appeal delivered some key lessons for Life.

How this young boy managed to stay alive stranded all alone in the ocean with a tiger!! If you all have watched the movie you'll feel that his ordeal just doesn’t seem to come to an end – losing his family in a ship wreck, the stormy weather, being on a life boat with a tiger, finally landing on an island only to realize that the water their turns acidic at night so, he has to go back into the ocean..... It’s unbelievable!

1. You will Survive!

To us the movie really portrays our most basic and universal need that we can survive despite the odds. It was a story of human triumph over the unimaginable and reinstated the fact that we are capable of so much, but unfortunately most of the time not even aware of our own potential!!!

They say that adversity brings out the best in us; we wonder why we have to wait for adverse circumstances in our lives to figure out our strengths and capabilities. If we were to live each day in that awareness by looking at our fears, questioning our limiting beliefs, or weaknesses and most important getting out of our comfort zone, we might be able to achieve far more and really exploit our latent abilities.

2. Keep the faith!

Through his ordeal not once does he lose his faith in a higher power, he completely surrenders and believes that God is taking care of him. In our own lives we face challenging circumstances almost every day of our lives. And when the chips are down, we start questioning our beliefs and our faith in the Supreme Being. However what we forget is that more often than the supreme power has a larger plan for us and there is a lesson in everything.

What is important is that our faith in a higher power or anything that one believes in as their faith is what gives us strength to also face the tribulation.

3. Let Go!

The protagonist in the movie demonstrated extraordinary ability to get over his loss and focus on surviving on what is next! Letting go can be one of the most challenging and often most painful experiences of our lives especially if it’s someone or something very dear and close to us. The protagonist not only was able to survive, but after the ordeal start a fresh and build, a beautiful life for himself and his family having put the past behind him. In our lives we have things, expectations, anger, resentment or even relationships which we hang on to sometimes forever! The key is to take a closer look at what we are holding on too and see the benefits of letting go – it can truly be liberating.

The movie was indeed beautiful and echoed several life lessons, we just highlighted a couple. We would love to hear what lessons you drew after watching Life of Pi!

(Poonam Srivastava is a Delhi based writer who has published books and articles on subjects of social innovation and practical spirituality. She also actively volunteers her time to promote causes related to these spheres.)

(Atika Singh is a post graduate in Counseling Psychology from Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Sciences and graduate in History from Delhi University. She has been actively involved in the emotional counseling space; and is passionate about empowering individuals to deal with their personal and professional issues, and achieve greater success. She is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.)
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