A salute to our bride Farah

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She does not have a mother and her father is fruit vendor….

When I met her for the first time, she seemed like a girl in love wanting to marry her groom who is from another community!

Her father confided in us that she was so adamant to marry him that she would have pursued it with or without his permission! Marriage is an equalizer of sorts…you might be a princess or a regular girl boarding a blue line bus or gay, you will always be over enthusiastic on the day of the wedding. And during the pre-wedding period each bride has only one agenda: TO LOOK FAB ON THE D DAY!

More than the bride, it’s her father who was charming!

The bride at 25 was excessively conscious in front of the cameras and wanted to appear absolutely sure of herself at each moment; it was her father who touched many a cord…

A man in his late 40’s, seemed at ease when we posed any question to him. He was witty and charming. That’s how he continued to be when we met him on the day of the wedding. The venue was the groom’s hometown: Palampur in the Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

I will come back to the wedding in a bit, but before that a bit about the contents of my suitcase.

We were told Palampur was -2 degrees and reaching there entailed a 45 minute flight from Delhi to Chandigarh and then an 8 hour long drive. So I packed a blanket, thick socks tailor-made to deal with subzero temperature, a jacket fit to climb Everest, leather gloves with felt lining and 3 sweaters. In addition, some electronics to keep me entertained: a laptop with oodles of movies and a Chinese hot water bottle (you need to just plug it in and the water heats up!)

Coming back to the Farah’s Dad and the wedding, it was such a fun hill station wedding! The guests gambled on the charpai placed next to the dance floor, which was created next to the neighbour’s house and a small temple.

The neighbours housed so many people, but the entire spaced so well coloured and neat that I felt that it was an art installation! Our evening ended with some local men singing and dancing on tunes from the region.

The episode is a salute to Farah for writing to us and to father who educated his daughter so she could live her dreams.
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