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Posted By: Paras Tomar                

Bill and I have a lot in common. Handsome, affable, lovable, intelligent, funny, attention seeking, we are all those things. He loves getting his head rubbed, and I’m known for never turning down even a half decent head massage. When it comes to affection, I can safely say both our standards are shockingly low. Loving isn’t an art, affection is science. A hair ruffle can never be rated. If someone is willing, Bill and I will instantly place our heads on their lap and let the magic begin. No questions asked. Instant gratification.

The Coelho household is the very first episode for which I join the team of Heavy Petting. Over the years the team has traveled the length and the breath of the animal kingdom to get up close and personal with all sorts of creatures. The Coelho family is our first destination for a brand new season, It’s a Dog’s life.

While the family has three dogs. Bill is the one I can’t seem to get my paws off. Sure, it’s unfair to favor one animal over another, but the heart wants what it wants. All is fair in love and…. Well, you know the cliché. He reminds me a lot of Hagrid, from the Harry Potter series. His size might make you believe that he is rough and stern and temperamental, but the first impression fades away rather quickly to reveal that you are basically face to face with a child trapped in a large body. And I find that endearing.

The Coelho family might live in Bandra in Bombay, but their real place, in my opinion, is on a postcard. They have all the ingredients in the recipe to make you go “awwww”. A gorgeous mother who is forever smiling, a dad who is the perpetual fixer-upper doing things around the house, two kids who run, scream, yell, shout, laugh play and love to hug and three dogs who add the “woof” factor to their already high score of being a perfect family.

I come away learning two important things from my first shoot for the series.

1) A Family which is a combination of dogs and kids just needs you to brush your teeth real hard on the day of your shoot. Since you’re going to smile and laugh so much, you might as well polish the pearly whites.

2) Size does matter. This might be biased, but gimme a large animal or a BIG dog and the hugs just seem warmer.

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