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Posted By: Paras Tomar                

So, they made a baby and can’t stand the sight of one another now! Humans and dogs aren’t so different afterall!

Spice and Sugar must have been in love at some point. Spice has a robust built and sugar has the quiet grace that any lady would. No wonder there were fireworks when the two met. A few tail wags and some doggy drools later, Cocoa was born! I may be paraphrasing, ofcourse!

It’s hard not to think of Cruela Devile when you think about Dalmatians. A hundred and one of them certainly inspire a thought about Meryl Streep. One look at Cocoa and his enthusiasm and you forget all about the film and focus entirely on the brat at hand. This one is a handful. Try taking him out for a walk, and he’ll be walking you!

The all girl family in Coimbatore is obviously one that is well traveled. Their house possibly (and I kid you not!) has more artifacts than most museums. Most of their collectables from across the globe are delicate and ornate. I couldn’t possibly imagine how they live in a home with three huge Dalmatians and not have frequent damage. I suppose that’s where conditioning comes in.

When the lady of the house offered us wine at 11 am, we humbly declined. It was fairly early wasn’t it! When she explained it was non-alcoholic, home brewed spice wine we willingly wagged our tails and consumed a lot more than we were offered. We’re not polite guests! Coimbatore was treating us well and the dogs in hand certainly seemed eager to be on the cameras of Heavy Petting.

Maybe Michael Jackson said it right afterall. It doesn’t matter if its black or white, what matters is how the two blend in together. I personally think Dalmatians should be the official mascots of world peace. Cocoa might drool all over the official press release but his sheer enthusiasm will say what a piece of paper possibly cannot.

I come away learning, Dalmatians are meant for a family with lots of space, lots of love and someone with a lot of muscle for the times your dog wants to walk you! I also learn men are always eager to make more babies (or atleast enjoy the process). This particular set of pet parents will tell you, the male specimen (dogs and men included) do think of sex every seven seconds. Poor sugar!

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