Animals can bring out the very best of human emotions


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Posted By: Paras Tomar                

If your postal address determines your cool quotient, Michele, Bacardi and Diesel …have it the best!

One would imagine that a Cuffe Parade house, with its sky rocketing real estate rates in Mumbai would be a highly improbable place for three dogs, but that hasn’t stopped Rushail and his family from extending their home to Michele, Bacardi and Diesel.

It was a first for me to see a pet parent get teary eyed while talking about one of his dogs but Rushail’s father, someone who is otherwise a fitting image of the manliest men, couldn’t help but get sentimental while the Heavy Petting cameras were rolling. A touching moment, testiment to the fact that an animal can bring out the very best of human emotions.

Rushail on the other hand has been witness to the miracle of birth on his very bed! He speaks fondly of the time that Michelle delivered babies in his room. A private moment that a lot of pet parents probably experience in a quiet space but one that lives with them forever.

Their playground is a sprawling house full of plants and playtoys and a terrace which is ideal for getting some quick exercise. If ever though, you can’t seem to find Diesel, there is a good chance you need to walk up and down the stairs because chances are, the little fellow is just trying to make his way to the terrace.

It might seem hard from the outside to pick a favorite, but Diesel instantly manages to win your heart. A pug seems to bring out an instant, “aww” and the fact that the smallest of the dogs has the biggest ego and the claim on most furniture is more than just endearing.

Rushail’s mum explains a certain rubberband fixation that diesel has - 'If you’re a girl who’s got long flowing hair and a scrunchie, Diesel is gonna do everything in his might to be able to pull it off your hair!' True blood alpha male, he doesn’t give any attention to males, human or otherwise, and is the undisputed big boy of the house. Height not withstanding!

An evenly distributed family of three humans and three dogs, I come away with a huge smile simply because I can’t get the image of Rushail’s dad’s moist eyes out of my brain. I don’t know about tears of joy, but tears of love certainly do make this show more special.

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