Sultan and Daisy - Proud canines of the Chadda family


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Posted By: Paras Tomar                

A "Siddu" is a traditional dish from Himachal, closely resembling a Momo and is mostly made out of poppy seeds. It's usually served with a generous helping of ghee and the Chadda's are extremely generous!

It's my first time shooting with the team of Heavy Petting in Shimla (Paras screams yay!). It's good to be back in my hometown, on familiar ground, away from the Mumbai heat in a season that’s been particularly hot! Oddly enough even for the local Himachalis this is oddly cold (I credit that demon called global warming). It's been raining in the hills and temperatures have unexpectedly dropped. What’s lifted however; is our mood when we see Sultan and Daisy, the proud canines of the family.

Daisy is a 7 year old German shepherd and Sultan is a mix lab all of four. With the Chadda family, they alternate between a slightly more city like home in Sanjauli and this huge apple orchard about an hour away from Simla. It's evident they like this a lot more. The boundary is covered by a line of electrical fences to keep away cattle and monkeys who inflict serious damage to the apple crop; the dogs too have got their mild set of shocks and realized the fences are off limits!

We have the nicest time shooting with the dogs because they are just the right mix of being bold and childlike. In the middle of the shoot they scamper away chasing stray monkeys who've crossed the line of electrical control. My favorite part of any shoot however is now always the quiz!

For some strange reason, I had decided to take on the responsibility of coming up with a weird buzzer on every show. This time around, the buzzer is something particularly embarrassing for the family. I’m thoroughly amused though. .Now what this buzzer is and why was Nidhi, the daughter of the family thoroughly embarrassed...the way to find out is to tune into Heavy Petting this week.

I come away learning an apple a day might keep the doctor away. IF you have big dogs, the doctor will knock furiously before he even considers entering!
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