Seldom on HOMP have we been to a place as dramatic as Patal Bhuvaneshwar: Rocky

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Highway on My Plate started off as just two guys having fun on the road and over the years it has evolved into, well, two guys having fun on many roads.

Rocky and Mayur enjoy a meal at Misty Mountan Resort, Jhaltola - an hours drive from Patal Bhuvaneshwar. Image Courtesy: Rocky Singh

We’ve always enjoyed this show, a lot, but seldom have we been to a place as dramatic as Patal Bhuvaneshwar. Somewhere in Pithoragarh this is a place I first went to a few years ago and this time when we went to the district I just had to get a camera into the Holy Cave system. This is a place that defies description and you will just have to see it for yourselves, as words will never do it justice.

Image Courtesy: Rocky Singh

Misty Mountains is another of those hidden secrets of mine which I have reluctantly given up in the HOMP Hills series. This place is in the forest, at the end of a long road. You won’t hear cars, no streetlights will brighten out the billion stars in the sky and there is nothing that stands between you and Nature. 

The highlight of this place will just have to be the food though. Awesome food is an understatement and this is a place where you will find some of the most delicious local food and recipes that you will only get in a village home somewhere. Local ingredients, traditional preparations and the flavors of Uttarakhand come alive in this episode.

Cheers with Buransh Squash, Abbot Mount. Image Courtesy: Rocky Singh

This episode will also champion the cause of the humble ‘Home Stay’. Clean and simple accommodation with simple and almost always tasty food, we will introduce another one of my little hidden secrets this time in the district of Champawat.

Bhang ki chutney (Brown chutney with Black Bhang seed flecks). Can you guess the other two? Or watch Highway On My Plate to know what these are.
Image Courtesy: Rocky Singh

Join us in watching this episode of HOMP Hills, it is not an episode you will easily forget. Be warned,your longing for the delicious mountain food may just prompt you to jump into a car and get here. And as for the drive, the longer the better.

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