Sydney - A beach haven down under

Posted By:Shikha Chugh
It is the world’s largest island and so its beaches are bound to be an important part of its culture and the identity of its people..... Read More
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A weekend getaway to Udaipur

Posted By:Ambika Anand
I hate birthdays! So much so that I need to make the days around it extremely exciting, in order for me to forget that it is ' my birthday' - a day that I think is so over rated across the world..... Read More
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My first visit to the Great Wall of China

Posted By:Siddharth Vinayak Patankar
Since I was a child, I remember thinking about the Seven Wonders of the World – the ancient and modern ones..... Read More
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Summer - The Aussie Way

Posted By:Shikha Chugh
I sat there, looking out of the restaurant’s window, mesmerised by the iconic Opera House and the mighty Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Harbour in the dying rays of the evening sun, and I knew this is what a traveller seeks; this is what holidays are made off!

Sydney, the New Year’s Eve capital of the world, is the largest and most populous city in Australia, a truly cosmopolitan city housing people from all over the world..... Read More
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5 years of gluttony

Posted By:Pratiksha Rao
If you walk around the streets in any Indian metropolitan city, one out of every five people will claim to be a foodie..... Read More
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