The Poet in Anirudh Gupta Shares his Complete Swiss Made Challenge Experience!

Posted By:Anirudh Gupta
One lethargic afternoon, while I was randomly going through my Twitter feed, my eyes fell upon the NDTV Good Times tweet, where they gave a link and asked for "one crazy photo of yourself", which was the basic criteria for initial registration to..... Read More
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End of an adventurous journey in Kolkata

Posted By:Varun Mitra
Arz kiya hai janab …

Formula one track was where we met at first, But that wasn’t enough to quench my and Kim’s thirsts..... Read More
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On a cultural trail - Chhattisgarh

Posted By:Kuki Grewal
I have set out on a cultural trail through Chhattisgarh, and my very first stop was at Rajim, which is an ancient town in Raipur district..... Read More
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Chhattisgarh - Into the wilderness!

Posted By:Kuki Grewal
Nature has bestowed her glory in abundance in Chhattisgarh..... Read More
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Seldom on HOMP have we been to a place as dramatic as Patal Bhuvaneshwar: Rocky

Posted By:Rocky Singh
Highway on My Plate started off as just two guys having fun on the road and over the years it has evolved into, well, two guys having fun on many roads..... Read More
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