Tips for the Perfect V-Day Date
From reliving old times to going for a romantic stroll to going on a food adventure, here are a few tips to help you make Valentine's Day, which falls on February 14, perfect for you and your loved one...more
Ambika Tells You How to Dazzle Your Date This Valentine's Day
Ambika Anand
Valentine's Day might be the official, hallmark day to celebrate it, but we reckon romance should be a part of your day to day routine and a great way to mark this emotion is by the way that you dress. Fashion is a great way to convey a message and hence there are clothes and accessories that exist to portray ones' mental and physical state of bein.....more
Valentine's Day: 7 Out of The Box Date Ideas
Ishani Palandurkar
Let's just say it upfront: this Valentine's Day Mush is not in. With Valentine's Day upon us, everyone wants to make it special. But do you want to make it "usual" special or "special" special? Dear love birds, times are gone when you'd sing a song in a dim lit restaurant and have an expensive wine in a basket. This year make Valentine's Day really.....more
Beware! Less Sleep Puts You at Risk of Compulsive Facebook Use
Long spells of bad night sleep do not only put you at the risk of developing day-long tiredness, crankiness or distraction but also lead to compulsive Facebook checking too, find researchers...more
World is Shrinking, We are Just 3.5 Degrees Apart: Facebook
You must have heard about the famous "six degrees of separation" theory that everyone on the planet is connected to everyone else by six other people. Facebook has just upended this theory, saying that world is more closely connected than you might think...more
Love Don't Cost a Thing. Yea Right.
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We at NDTV Goodtimes bring you a list of dream destinations you can impulsively visit over the Valentine's weekend!..more
Things You Didn't Know About The Vegetables You Eat
NDTV Good Times
What are the sure shot things we know about vegetables? We avoid them, they are filler foods at best for salads, they are colourful so we guess it's a plus? But aside from these facts, what do we actually know about all those leafy, raw things are elders seem to love and force us to eat? NDTV Goodtimes brings you a list of vegetables with tidbit.....more
10 Proteins Vegetarians Need to Know About
NDTV Good Times
Vegetarian? Really? How do you not have Protein deficiency! All of us who are the fan of the leafy over the meaty have heard this so many times from 'concerned loved ones'. Perhaps even for some good reason as when was the last time we really heard about protein rich vegetarian foods! So here's a great list of food items that are perfect to up your.....more
Women Don't Make First Move When It Comes to Online Dating
All men please take note! In the online dating world, women do not like to send personal messages to initiate contact and later mating and would rather send "weak signals" than making the first move, a team of Indian-origin researchers has revealed...more
Crash Course for Your Next Formal Dinner Date
Dining etiquettes were never meant to take away from the joy of eating. However, what most people forget is that if done right, not only do you dine with elegance, but also enjoy the food a lot as it simplifies the whole regime...more
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