17 Dishes That Make You Want to Gate-Crash all Indian Weddings
Shiralie Chaturvedi
The obsession with the goodness that is wedding food begins when we are children. The wedding ceremony really only holds the purpose of eating decadent, fattening food with our loved ones...more
#GetFit: How To Get A Beach Body In 4 Weeks - Part 3
NDTV Good Times
We'll continue with HIIT and Supersets this week; but on the last set of each Superset, we'll perform a Drop Set on both exercises...more
#GetFit: How To Get A Beach Body In 4 Weeks - Part 2
NDTV Good Times
It's time to ramp up the intensity! In the first part, we talked about familiarizing yourself with the daily workouts through high-intensity interval training (HIIT), three days a week. Moving into the 2nd week of the program, we learn about Supersets and pairing different exercises together to burn calories more effectively...more
9 Guilt-Free Mithais You Just Can't Resist This Diwali
NDTV Good Times
With the Diwali festivities in full swing everywhere across India, it's a no-brainer that the doorbell to all our houses would be ringing continuously with throngs of guests visiting and preferably eating. Eating a lot. Most of that which will get consumed will contain copious amount of calories and probably be bad for your health, so make sure you.....more
12 Life Lessons For Future Supermodels
Mansi Jain
From a comedy writer who has two pairs of shoes and stress acne, 12 Life Lessons For Future Supermodels...more
11 Unique Diwali Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Get You More Love This Year
NDTV Good Times
Diwali is essentially Christmas and New Year rolled into one and packaged in bright lights. Aside from all the poojas, the mithais and the scores of relatives it is also the season of gifts galore. Dont go the clichd way and just buy candles in bulk to pass around your near and dear ones. We have for you a great list of eleven items that will be as.....more
Quick and Easy Tips to Get Your Oily Skin Winter-Ready
NDTV Good Times
The chill is in the air and we're all ready with our lotion tubes to apply generous layers. You'd think oily skin would have some relief this season but this in fact is a myth. Be it winter or summer; oily skin should be treated with special care without the need to use expensive, chemical-based skincare products. So we went ahead and curated a lis.....more
#GetFit: How to Get a Beach Body In 4 Weeks (Part 1)
Samiksha Katyal
Whether you're itching for pool parties or planning a vacation to the beach, you can get your body ready for a swimsuit show in 4 short weeks with this complete training guide...more
Why We Can't Wait for Priyanka Chopra's Quantico
NDTV Good Times
As Priyanka Chopra makes her international debut with the American television show Quantico which is all set to premier in India on Oct 3, the Indian film industry is going all out to lend their full .....more
#Great8 Bollywood Movies That'll Make You Pack Your Bags and Hit the Road
NDTV Good Times
The impact that a good travel movie is that it lingers and ignites the feeling of wanderlust in us, urging to experience all that thrill and excitement yourself. Here is list of Bollywood travel movie.....more
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