7 Bollywood Movies That Define Comedy
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We have a neat list of 7 Bollywood movies that will make you laugh endlessly!..more
6 Quick Fix Ways To Heal After a Break Up
Shiralie Chaturvedi
There are ways to minimize the pain if you focus on yourself and understand your needs before you enter the unending vortex of self-pity and eventual regrets...more
4 Homemade Masks You Can Make In Less Than 1 Minute
Udita Jain
We guarantee that each of these ingredients will be available in a functional home, super easy to make with 100% natural ingredients and something for you to populate your Instagram stories with, so here goes...more
7 Things That Make You A 'Great Wifey'
Bhavya Jha
Here's a list 7 such things that every woman can do to be an amazing wife without sweating over it too much!..more
5 Things Around You That Can Make You Instantly Happy
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Before you realize and regret, here are quick and easy ways you can instantly feel happy. You can literally do any of these right now - and feel a thousand times better than you already do!..more
7 Milestones You Can Have In Your 20s That Don't Involve Love
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 7 things you can call a milestone that don't involve the L word whatsoever!..more
7 Unique Sari Style From Bollywood We Can't Get Enough Of
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 7 of the most stylish sari looks we have seen in a while -right from cocktail saris to heavy duty Benaresi ones!..more
A. R. Rahman Songs That We Can Listen In A Loop
NDTV Good Times
Undoubtedly the God of music, A.R. Rahman is one of the most prolific artists from India who has seamlessly established an unflinching niche in India and has also proved his mettle abroad...more
7 Ways To Feel Constantly Alive
Shiralie Chaturvedi
There are ways through which you can feel refreshed, day after day, as you overcome battle after battle! All you have to do is do these 7 things regularly, and you are good to go...more
5 Reasons Why You Should Book A Massage Appointment Now
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are our top 5 reasons to enjoy some leisure massage time when you get a chance!..more
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