7 Quirky Sea Foods You Must Try in Busan

NDTV Goodtimes | August 06, 2014 13:29 IST

1. Squid - Super popular in Korea, squid is loved by many! Melts in your mouth and simple to cook, squid is a friendly fish to gobble!

2. Eel - Meet Mr. Eel (or many Mister Eels, if we may)! Eel makes up a great meal (Wow that rhymed)! It's amazing for stamina and keeps you healthy and hearty! Go steal some Eeeeeel!

3. Octopus - This one is an ideal choice for health freaks! They're low in calorie and are a great way to add protein to your diet, sans the fat. The eight helping hands are sure to make you a fitter person!

4. Galchi - This bright silver fish is called the Galchi. You know what they say - the brighter the fish, the brighter your day will be! Okay we just made that up, but the taste of a Galchi will surely keep you longing for more!

5. Stingray - However deadly a Stingray may be, it does make up for a delicious meal when fried, grilled or sauteed.

6. Choji Fish - Well well! This fishy missy is quite the pricey one, but we guarantee you that the taste is totally worth it! No wonder this marine Royalty fish is used in special traditional ceremonies in Korea.

7. Oysters - Oysters are totally a blessing in disguise! They help in preventing heart diseases and increase your immunity. So come on, binge and eat whole heartedly, guilt free!

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