7 Sinful Snacks that Spell Magic in the Rains

Tanu Ganguly | August 13, 2014 20:06 IST

Here's a quick disclaimer before we start:

. If you dislike getting drenched in the rains, this article isn't for you.
. If you believe that 'monsoon magic' is only restricted to all those SALES announced this time of the year, this article is most certainly not for you.
. Lastly, if you think that rains are disgusting, make you and your room more attractive to creep-crawlies and make your general surroundings messier - then you're better off doing something else right this minute!

So now that we have the attention of all monsoon lovers let's make a couple of things clear. We're looking at 'sinful' snacks here. Not healthy, cheap, quick-to-make or anything else. So here we go:

1. Pav-Pav/Bun-Bun No, this is not the name of ONE snack alone. The number of mouth-watering snack-time delicacies that can be derived from Pav or Bun are countless! Vada-pav, Bun-maska, Dabeli, Misal-Pav, Omelette Bun and so on.
A warm Bun, toasted with a little extra 'maska', filled with your favourite stuffing is just what the rain doctors ordered.

2. Aloo Bonda

Oh c'mon you dieters! If you were allowed to break your diet and eat something sinful this time of the year then it'd have to be fresh off-the-pan Aloo-Bonda. The traditional ones made with potatoes, onions and chillies work magically to drip-dry drenched-out souls. :)

3. Samosa

Aloo, Aloo-Matar, Paneer or Mutton. No matter what's filling the insides of this three-sided basket of goodness, the reaction is always the same - "SO GOOD!" Pair it with a hot cup of masala chai and you're nearly in heaven.

4. Anda-Parantha

Ok, so this one is a perfect-partner for all those hard core nights of partying. But, it's just as good on a monsoon evening when it's been raining all day and getting out of office is still a few hours away.

5. HOT HOT Jalebi

We couldn't have done this list without a sweet-dish! And by a quick dipstick at work - the one dish that won hands down was Jalebi. Hot off the wok, dripping goodness! Others who ran - Gulabjamuns, Mishtidoi and of course, Malpua!

6. Chowmein/Noodles

C'mon! You didn't think this list would be complete without what's a hit snack anytime of the year. Age no bar. Time no bar. Clouds or Sun.

7. Mutton Roll

Nothing soothes a rainy day hunger pang like a well-made roll. Hot and spicy with a little chutney on the side. Make mine with single egg/double mutton. Slurrrp!

That's our list of a few sinful snacks to be indulged in this season. If you've not had more than 3 on this list this season - our 'foodie' meter would rate you POOR. Suggest you fix that, before the next set of showers!

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