7 Street Foods You Must Try in Seoul

NDTV Goodtimes | August 07, 2014 18:49 IST

1. Bindaetteok - The most famous Korean style "Pancake" found easily in Gwanjang Market. It's crispy, hot and totally affordable! Reminds you of Kachori, no? Then go binge on some of this yummy Korean Kachori Pancake!

2. Mayak Gimbap - These bite-sized rice and dried seaweed rolls are addictive and come with yummy dips like mustard, soy sauce and what not! Fellow vegetarians, this one's for all of you looking out for some easy vegetarian food! *Victory Dance*.

3. Soju - When in Korea, do as the Koreans do! Acting on that thought, you can't possibly miss out on some Soju! Yes, it's the most popular liquor available in Seoul, and is made from Rice. Dive into fun Soju games and sip some Soju, anytime of the day!

4. Barbeque Sticks - Hongdae Street is probably the most happening street you'll ever land on. Its numerous barbeque stations offer different kinds of meats and spices to mix up a killer barbeque choice! Easy to eat, just pick up a stick and enjoy your very own walky snack!

5. Kkultarae, or The King's Dessert - This sugarlicious sweet is your route to Nirvana! Made with treats like honey, walnuts etc., this candy is your piece of heaven in a box.

6. Exotic Buffets - When there's so much finger lickin' food, there's gotta be a whole lot of confusion! But hey, at Gwanjang Market, don't forget treating yourself to some exotic and elaborate buffets! Mix and match to suit your taste and make the best out of all the deliciousness Korean street food has to offer!

7. Tofu in Pink Sauce - Feel like you're in paradise and the angels are serving you food? Well, you're close! This dreamy dish is Tofu made in pink sauce and it's as yummy as it looks (actually, it's yummier)! You possibly can't resist this one, a total food magnet that'll pull you closer and closer!

So we've obviously established that street food in Seoul is something to die for! From hot & spicy to tempting sweet; this city serves it all! So while you're here, don't forget to gorge and binge!

For now, explore this buzzing city of Seoul- undoubtedly, the soul of Korea!

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