Ambika Anand Spills Her Diet Secrets

Ambika Anand | April 07, 2015 14:58 IST

Well, losing weight is very hard but maintaining it is even harder!

So when you meet that super fit, hot girl who rolls her eyes when you say no to that glass of wine or slice of pizza because you are on a diet, well don't be fooled by her scorn! Unless she is genetically skinny and can gobble down ice-cream shakes and cupcakes without it mirroring on the scales the next day, trust keeping her weight where it is requires tremendous effort!

Well diet accounts for 70% of your weight loss and the 30% depends on your work out! I change my workout practically every 2 months!

I'll let you in on a secret, what I eat changes practically every week!

At the moment I begin the day with a glass of cold coffee and some porridge. This followed by an aloo ka paratha with a dash of desi ghee. By 5PM, I try to snack on something light and fat free like yogurt and some fruit. An early dinner by 7PM, I have dinner which could be eggs and toast or chicken and salad or rice and some fish curry. Before sleeping if I am hungry, I have a banana or a glass of milk!

Since I am constantly finding healthy snacks, recently I found some oil free Kale Chips which work wonders for me. And if you have a sugar craving, mix some nuts+dates+figs+sugarfreedarkchocolate+milk and trust me, this will make for a yummy desert!

I am currently very inspired by some of the diets I have read. These people workout everyday. They begin their day with a protein shake or some eggs and salad, some coffee followed by lunch that consists of salad and the day ends with a steak or some fish so the diet is practically devoid of any bread, rice or pasta!

So the trick is: eat less and work out.
Walk, run, pilates, yoga, weight, kick boxing, power-plate...the list is endless, get yourself a trainer so the journey is fun!

Be positive: look in the mirror and say 'I AM HOT' because trust me that girl who rolls her eyes at you as sips her weekly glass of wine indulges in positive affirmations all the time!

The art lies in balancing, if you overeat during one meal, eat smaller portions in the next!

For now, I am headed to grab my black coffee with a piece of dark chocolate! Who said you can't find heaven at work?

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