For the Love of Food: 10 signs that you are a foodie

NDTV Goodtimes | May 28, 2014 15:17 IST

"Food is essential to life therefore, make it good"- S. Truett Cathy

1. You live to eat and not eat to live
This is your life mantra! There is always this constant thought in your mind, 'What to eat next.' Wherever you may be; in an official meeting or during an exam, you have decided your menu for the coming week.

2. You plan what to eat beforehand
Chances are you haven't even reached home for dinner but you know exactly what you feel like eating, you haven't even reached your friend's birthday party but who cares about the alcohol and celebrations, you are there to pile onto the snacks! You are heading towards your favourite restaurant and without seeing the menu you know which dish you're going to order.

3. You have tried various types of food
You are not at all finicky about your food. You love to try out new things, taste different flavours and your gastronomical experience is greater than any other. Be it the Purani Dilli kathi rolls, a fancy liver patte, a meaty burger, tadke wali daal from a dhabha on the highway, smoked salmon & cream cheese for breakfast, an over explosive frozen yogurt, corn on the cob with masala or that yummy butter garlic crab- Yow Want It All!

4. Your friends hide their food when you are around
So be it the tiffins in school, the canteen in college, the cafeteria in office or just someone's order for dinner- You want 'just a bite.' Basically all the food around you looks so tempting that you ask for 'just a bite' but end up eating most of it! Your friends know how you are around food and already give you a disclaimer 'don't touch my food.'

5. You relate to Joey from friends
'Joey Doesn't Share Food', is and will always be your favourite dialogue from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You do love to share your love of food and knowledge, but when you have a yummy dish in front of you or even just a packet of your favourite chips, you want it all for yourself. Like joey you have a passionate relationship with your food, its always love at first sight!

6. You are a social food networker
Before you take a bite of your food, its picture with a fancy filter is on Instagram with the hashtag #foodgasm #foodporn. You follow @foodtalkindia on Facebook and Instagram!Whenever you go out to eat you Check-in the restaurant on Facebook so that all your friends know where you are having dinner and with whom.You constantly keep snap chatting your friends with all the food you have eaten throughout the day.

7. Fat means nothing to you
You love food and don't care! The idea of being on a diet or to keep count the calories mean nothing to you at all. You eat because it makes you happy and you have never let all weight conscious tags get to you.

8. You love mama's food too
Even if you love eating out and going to different places to try out new food, you still love ghar ka khaana. Mom's food will always be close to your heart.

9. Travelling means new food
When you travel and plan a holiday the first thing you look forward to is not the destination but the food! You have googled 'places to eat' and know exactly what your food plan is for the entire trip. You've arrived at your holiday and instead of going to the hotel, you are roaming the streets in search for exciting new food.

10. You are hungry now
You have read this article and if you can relate to all the points than hey you are a foodie! And now you are hungry for more food, so go and grab some! Happy eating!

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