Fun Hairdos to Sport This Monsoon

Megha Bissa | August 20, 2014 17:01 IST

Baarish brings a certain kind of pleasantness with it; the lovely mitti ki khushboo, cravings for garma garam pakode with multiple cups of chai, puddles, paper boats, bhutta and an endless list of things! All is cool till we're indoors, but realistically, how many of us like to get soaked in the rain on our way to work? No one I guess, unless you have somebody waiting to do your hair at work daily. Ah! That's life...

So how about doing something that gives you an instant personality boost AND lifts your mood? Like playing with your hair to try fun hairdos that you can carry just about anywhere - from attending a corporate meeting, to running errands, to meeting a friend for coffee to even walking the red carpet! Trust us, these quick hairdos will not just change the way you look, but also get you all the attention you deserve!

Top Bun

One of the most chic and the easiest to do hairstyles on a rainy day is a top bun. All you have to do is pull all your hair in a neatly tied, high ponytail. Divide the pony in two parts and secure the hair in a cute bun by coiling the sections around each other. Put fun pins to style the bun. Be messy on one day or go neat on another, I leave that to you. If you have bangs, secure them in a tiny puff which will add some extra oomph!

Side Fishtail Braid

On days when you have to brave heavy showers, a braid is the most practical hair to sport. Start by making a side ponytail held together with a thin elastic hair tie as high as possible.
Separate the hair into two even sections and start the process by pulling a thin strand of your hair from the left section on top of the right. Repeat this for the other section and keep alternating sides, plaiting over and under, until you reach the bottom of the braid. Finish the braid by tying a black hair tie. If you like to experiment, use a funky shoe lace to hold the braid and jazz up the look.

Quick Tip: To get a more sophisticated braid, use skinnier strands. The effort will be more, but the result will be oh-so-gorgeous!
Initially you gotta be patient with the whole drill; but once you get the hang of it, the fish braid will become your top favorite. This look also settles well on wet hair. If your hair has many layers, make sure to dab some hair spray before you step out.

Puffy Pony

When you're lazy and you know it, puff your hair! Yes, on days when getting out of the bed seems to be a task, tease them a bit by ruffling your fingers through your hair. Tie the hair back in a messy pony leaving a long strand out. Use this strand to cover your hair tie and secure it with a pin. You could also make this look dressy by back combing the front of your hair and pinning together some part of it in the middle.

Tousled Tresses

The best way to play with your hair in this weather for a party is by making it wet. Well, not literally! But to get that perfectly organized tousled texture, apply plenty of mousse to towel dried hair and follow it up with an intense blow dry session. Alternatively, to achieve a slicker look, mix hair gel with some oil and polish it all through your mane. And when someone asks you the trick, just thank the rains!

Twist the Curls

I'm sure there are days when you feel like breaking up with your natural, beautiful curls... So when you are going through that phase, the quickest way to amp up your locks is to twist the front portion of your freshly washed hair, elevate the strands and pin them at the back forming a tiara. Accessorize the twirls with some flowers or simple studs to achieve a goddess like look. As the day graduates, you could tie your hair in a loose low bun and achieve a brand new look.

To accentuate your curls before a soiree, apply generous amounts of mousse on towel-dried hair, separate your hair into seven or eight sections and loosely braid each section. Once your hair is dry, open up the braids and lightly comb using a wide-tooth comb. Coat the hair with a light layer of hair spray and you have the perfect waves that will rock your red carpet look!

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