How to Eat Your Hot Dog Right

Udita Jain | July 23, 2014 13:26 IST

July 23rd is celebrated as National Hot Dog day in all the hot dog eating countries, world over. While the world celebrates by biting into juicy hotdogs, we give you the full lowdown on hotdog eating etiquettes!

# Don't ever put ketchup on your hotdog after the age of 18! We all need to grow up sometimes. Ketchup is for babies! Legend has it that you could be arrested in the city of Chicago for this offence. They really take eating hotdogs seriously.

# Don't eat hotdogs on fancy china. Plastic or paper plates are best suitable for what is considered to be the king of all junk food!

# Don't put herbs on the same plate as a hot dog, food lovers take this to be a serious offence.

# Don't bring wine to a hot dog barbecue. Wine and hotdogs just don't go together! Wash down that piece of deliciousness with beer, soda or lemonade!

# Don't ever use cutlery to eat a hot dog! Stay raw and dig in with your bare hands!

# Don't take more than 5 bites to finish a hot dog. Do it fast or don't do it at all!

# Don't leave bits of bun on your plate. EAT IT ALL.

# Don't use a cloth napkin to wipe your mouth after eating your hotdog. Cloth exhibits class which is not needed when biting into a hotdog bursting with flavour.

# Don't ever think it's a wrong time to serve hotdogs.

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