How to Look Fab in Office Wear

IANS | July 17, 2014 13:11 IST

Tick all the trend boxes at work by dressing smart!

What do you wear to work every day? Do you stick to stripes, or do you choose to experiment with fits and fabrics? Well, everyone wants to look stylish, but there's a thin line of demarcation between what's classy and what's boring. suggests these fashion tips to jazz up your office wear:

1. Tops: Avoid shirts in the high heat. Wear soft flowing blouses that are a lot more comfortable and allow your skin to breathe.

2. Pants: Avoid anything that's too tight. Soft, wide legged pants will work for some people, but if you're short, wear some heels to elongate the legs. You might find that some wide-legged pants are a little too casual for your particular job, but persevere for the future.

3. Jackets: Soft, draped jackets are a lot lighter and will help to keep you cooler than a structured blazer. Black, navy and grey are obvious colours, but you could inject different hues into your work wardrobe via your jacket with summer brights. It will lift your whole look, even if the rest of the outfit is black.

4. Culottes: Culottes have made a comeback once again this year and they're perfect for dressing for work in the summer. They're smart, easy to wear and will show off your summer tan without being too short. Again, wear with heels if you're a little short to help elongate the frame.

5. Dresses: Smart summer dresses are ideal for work, and you can wear them afterhours as well. Keep them just above the knee at their shortest length. Peplum dresses are still very on-trend and are super flattering for all shapes and sizes. Don't be afraid of prints and colours too. Just remember to keep the rest of the look toned down.

6. Tube skirts: They aren't just classy, but also make for a perfect summer outfit. If you want to hide that bit of stubborn fat around your stomach, pair your tube skirt with a peplum top to create a beautiful silhouette.

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