Easy Magic Tricks You Need To Learn To Break The Ice At Any Party
Anushka Kukreja
Here are a few amazing and easy magical tricks that will help you through the hard business of breaking the ice with at a party...more
5 Lesser Known YouTube Musicians
Sejal Mehra
We have put their best videos together for you. Head out to their channels and enjoy more delightful videos...more
7 Thoughts Every Girl Goes Through During Mansplaining
Sejal Mehra
Here are some of the thoughts we bet you go through whenever you are mansplained things...more
Bucket List Of Luxury Items Everyone Should Have In Their 20s
Sejal Mehra
20s are a great time. It is the phase where you live to the fullest and have the time of your life. While you write down your bucket list, don't skip these luxury items you should definitely have in your 20s...more
Who Says You Can't Wear White To Weddings?
Shiralie Chaturvedi
There is one thing you can wear to summer wedding and unleash your most glamorous and comfortable self! White! Sure you will be advised to steer clear of whites on weddings, but there isn't a better fashion statement you can make that also spells refreshing!..more
Life of A Man Newly In Love - SRK Style
Shiralie Chaturvedi
He represents the man harbouring a crush, the man quietly pursuing his love, the man who finds his soulmate, and everything in between. So here are those 7 ways SRK is every man newly in love!..more
10 Life Lessons We Learnt From Harry Potter
Sejal Mehra
We write this to refresh our memories with the life lessons we learnt from the enchanting world of witchcraft and wizardry...more
8 Fusion Mithai Ideas That Are Going To Completely Bowl You Over
Shiralie Chaturvedi
this is it - we give you 8 absolutely delicious fusion desserts that combine the best of desi and videshi indulgence!..more
9 Life Roles Malaika Arora Aced And Inspired Every Woman
Bhavya Jha
Best known for her effortless fashion statements, she's also proved her excellence as a graceful dancer, a loving mother, a charismatic TV presenter, an inspiring fitness freak and as a woman nearing perfection...more
8 Ways You Can Be Kind Today To A Complete Stranger
Sejal Mehra
Here are eight easy ways you can adopt to be kind to a complete stranger...more
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