6 Trends In A Teacup For This Season
Ahvanya Sharma
Tea production in India dates back to 1920 and today we are one of the largest producers of tea, although 70% of it is consumed within India itself!..more
7 Songs You Must Have On Your Zumba Playlist
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Load up your playlist -put on your comfortable sneakers and dance dance dance your way to health!..more
8 Bollywood Supporting Characters Who Need Their Own Movies
Bhavya Jha and Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 8 such characters we were intrigued by so profoundly we wished they had their own movie with a starring role! Check them out!..more
Did you know These Hidden Talents Of Your Favourite Bollywood Stars?

Bollywood is the house of the some of the most talented people and their talents don't seem to be limited only to the big screen...more
6 Feelings Every Person In A Boring Relationship Goes Through
Shubhangi Kaushik
Here are the feelings of a person who has been caught up in a boring relationship...more
6 Ways to Rise Above Failure This Instant
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Failed relationship; failed job; failed dreams -we need to take these all with a pinch of salt and forge ahead. How? We tell you the best ways!..more
6 Ways To Sail Through Every Kind Of Bad Hair Day
Bhavya Jha
If you can't jump into the shower or spend hours straightening or curling, then, try these easy steps to help you sail through any kind of bad hair day like a diva!..more
Seven Unusual Achaars For All The Pickle Lovers
Shubhangi Kaushik
When it comes to achaar we have a whole lot of unusual achaars which you being an ardent pickle lover, need to try out with your next meal...more
8 Irresistible Faces From Foreign Daily Soaps
Shubhangi Kaushik
After a tiring week, weekends are meant to chillax and binge watch your favorite TV series. If you are a TV buff and can't help falling in love with fictional characters, then you're sure to relate to this list...more
Six Achievements Of Priyanka Chopra That Prove She Is Undeniably The Best
Shubhangi Kaushik
Her ability to choose and overcome oddities got her a lot of praise at a young age. Going down memory lane, we are especially proud of these achievements,..more
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