5 Ways To Enjoy Rainbow This Month
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Thanks to the visually appealing rainbow, the colour scheme now is representative of a myriad of things. Right from accessorizing to flags seeking equality and justice; the rainbow is here to stay!..more
Why Do Bad Bollywood Movies Do So Well?
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We are always stumped by the list of high-grossing movies of India. They are the who's who of absolute imbecility and bizarre...more
6 Eid Looks To Copy From Bollywood Divas
NDTV Goodtimes
We have curated the best of the looks from Bollywood that you can wear and celebrate Eid!..more
10 Things People Who Hate Monsoons Feel
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Rain is bad. It's terrible, it's inconvenient, and most importantly it is constantly bothering us one way or the other. If you understand our pain through rain, read on. Because it is too real!..more
7 Quotes By Poet Hafez That Touch The Soul And Inspire The Heart
Bhavya Jha
These quotes are as practical as they are philosophically beautiful and will definitely give you a fresh perspective towards life...more
9 Thoughts Every Introvert Has With Extrovert Friends
Udita Jain
Here are some thoughts all us introverts feel on a Friday night!..more
Iftaar Snacks For A Delicious Eid Weekend
Anushka Kukreja
On this special occasion we have some delightful snacks suggestions for you to enjoy the Eid weekend to the fullest...more
B-Town Ladies Tell You How To Wear Overlays This Monsoon
Anushka Kukreja
These outfits donned by B-Town celebs are totally steal-worthy! So grab that kimono, shirt, jacket and step out in style...more
9 Hacks To Sail Through Monsoon At Your Stylish Best
Bhavya Jha
These life hacks are just a few easy habits to be adapted and you'll sail through monsoon in the most comfortable way. Check them out!..more
8 Bollywood Characters That Could Make Brilliant Presidents
Sejal Mehra
These people have great leadership qualities, are motivating teachers and wonderful orators and would make amazing presidents!..more
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