5 Reasons Why Alia Bhatt is Everyone's First Love
Shiralie Chaturvedi
These are 5 of the many reasons why we love and adore her so much! Check them out!..more
6 Ways To Include Colour In Your Diet To Stay Healthy
Ahvanya Sharma
Get ready to add colour into your life for which we will give you super healthy tips...more
5 Kind of Friends You Should Definitely Have In Your Lifetime
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Out of the hundreds of them you will accumulate over the course of your life, we have a list of those 5 kind of friends that you must-must have!..more
7 Badass Dialogues By Aamir Khan That Prove He Is Mr. Perfectionist
Udita Jain
We are reminiscing some of Aamir Khan's most iconic dialogues through history...more
5 Party Themes You Can Steal From Bollywood
Bhavya Jha and Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are some great thematic ideas for your next party, with super inspiration from our very own movie industry!..more
Find Out What Kind Of A Lover Are You?
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Good or bad, over time we take upon a personality trait that is the base of our relationship with our partner...more
5 Beauty Care Tips To Keep Holi From Becoming A Disaster
Bhavya Jha
If you want to keep the beautiful Holi colours from leaving horrible effects on you, go for these 5 beauty care tips and carelessly indulge in the craziness!..more
Groove Your Best With These Iconic Holi Dance Moves
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Songs, colours, and endless food is how we all want Holi to look like year after year. We are sure everyone has that perfect playlist, and now we give you the perfect moves to match those songs, regardless of who you are and who you are celebrating with!..more
6 Bollywood Female Directors Who Broke The Glass Ceiling
NDTV Good Times
From the narration of a wife-mother who just wishes for some gratitude to a young girl dealing with existential and psychological issues, both movies were significant to women and were laureled just as well!..more
5 Places To Travel To Make The Most Out of Your Holi Weekend
Anisha Kanungo
We suggest these 5 amazing destinations to visit to make your Holi unforgettable one...more
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