The Perfect Monsoon Playlist For A Fresh Start
Anushka Kukreja
We have a list of songs that are perfect for this rainy season and we suggest you update your playlist now!..more
7 Surprising Habits That Indians Consider Normal
Sejal Mehra
Here is a list of things we do that are very normal for us but not for the rest of the world. Want to know if you consider these normal too?..more
9 Fashion Moments of Karishma Kapoor That Are Crazy Stylish Even Today
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Karishma Kapoor is literally a fashionable force to reckon with. Whether off or on screen, somehow her fashion quotient is so on point we are always simply agog...more
9 Instagram Photography Accounts You Need To Know
Sejal Mehra
Here is a list of nine Instagram photography accounts you need to follow to make your feed more lively and beautiful...more
7 Office Blues That Are Too Real Post Vacation
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Without a warning, one fine day you find yourself coming back to dreary drudgery you call life. And when you are in office -it hits the most. Why? Because of these 7 reasons...more
Reasons Why We Feel Selfie Is Highly Overrated
Sejal Mehra
Selfies are no more just a way of clicking photos, but have taken over our everyday lives and are a borderline dangerous obsession now! These 7 reasons are why we think that selfies are highly overrated!..more
9 Times Bollywood Dances Doubled As Yoga Lessons
Bhavya Jha
Let's face it there are some dance steps in Indian movies that deserve a special kind of recognition. So much so, that while you found them funny we observed a little something: a lot of choreographers drew their inspiration from yoga!..more
10 Feelings Every Student Goes Through Before College Admissions

Here is a list of feelings we bet each of you are going through at this moment. Just to let you know everything will turn out to be fine in the end...more
8 Qualities That Prove You Love Travelling In Summers
Sejal Mehra
We are here to help you identify if you are a summer traveller or a winter traveller. If you can relate to even 6 out of these 8 signs, you're definitely the former!..more
5 Indian Summer Drinks Beyond Lassi And Chhaas
Anushka Kukreja
Summer is here and this is the time we all crave a chilled beverage to beat the heat. It's time we drink gallons of cold thirst-quenchers to keep ourselves hydrated, lassi and chhaas topping the list...more
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