9 Iconic Styles Of Bollywood Men That Became An Overnight Rage
Bhavya Jha
From the LED jackets, all whites, to fitted t-shirts and breezy bright sheer shirts, many trends have come and gone ever since and B-town celebs continue to be the fashion innovators and motivators for us. And here we talk about all those crazy trends that took over the men's fashion scene!..more
Undeniable Stages We All Go Through While Eating Momos
Sejal Mehra
Momos are everybody's favourite street food and we haven't met anyone who isn't in love with them. So we decided to write about the stages of eating momos!..more
5 Dishes From Our Childhood That Make Us Miss Summer Vacations
Sejal Mehra
With summer at its peak, it's time to take that nostalgic detour. Let's relive these memories by relishing the much loved summer foods from our childhood!..more
7 Female Comedians You Need To Start Following
Sejal Mehra
We curated this list of female comedians you need to start following soon. They are funny, they are bold and they are unapologetic about it...more
10 Summer Loves You Can Have
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We tell you 10 things you can, and most definitely should fall for in this sweltering but wonderful season...more
How Well Do You Know Your Leafy Veggies?
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Read this up to know everything you need to know about leaves (including grapes), and enjoy it the next time you eat them rather than just begrudgingly consuming them...more
Alia Bhatt's Workout Regime Decoded
Udita Jain
All of us may not have a dedicated trainer like Yasmin Karachiwala but this is our plea to try and decode this Student Of The Year's workout regime and stay inspired..more
6 Times Sonam Kapoor's Casual Styles Reflected Her Personality
Bhavya Jha
Check out these 6 casual looks to know what we are talking about...more
8 Things You Can Only Do With Your Best Friend
Sejal Mehra
Here is a list of things you can do only with your best friend and nobody else...more
6 Colourful Pizzas That Will Be The Highlight Of Your Summer
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 6 summer pizzas you can enjoy even when the temperature is playing a spoilsport...more
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