Motivational Bollywood Songs That Will Lift Your Spirits Instantly
Bhavya Jha
This curated playlist has 13 Bollywood songs that'll meet all your needs when you need the magical music therapy. Go ahead and put your head phones on!..more
7 90s Bollywood Dance Moves You Won't See Today
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We hae rounded up some of the best dance moves from the era when pelvic thrusts were made in lehenga and bedsheets were used as dancing props...more
5 Unbelievably Pretty Teas That Are Also Super Healthy
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Summer is all about wonderful colour palettes and refreshing canvases. Iced tea being an absolute staple beverage for the season marries both the concept wonderfully...more
20 Ways To Live Your 20s To The Fullest
Bhavya Jha
This decade decides what we really make out of our personalities. Various factors have a role to play in it but sometimes it's us who need to make a little shift...more
7 Arijit Singh Songs That Make Us Believe In Love
Antara Paul
The voice that has the power to fix any mood will turn 30 this month. Here is a list of his top evergreen songs that you must carry in your playlist everywhere...more
5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Hydrated
Anuradha Sarkar
Here we have 5 easy solutions to keep our skin healthy...more
Top 11 Dance Steps Of Varun Dhawan That Make Us Fall In Love With Him
Antara Paul
The 29 year old certainly knows how to turn heads, and rob young hearts with his signature moves. He nails his grooves and is probably one of the most deserving all-rounders of Bollywood right now...more
10 Thoughts Of People Who Hate Summers
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Understand that you are not alone in despising summers, it is hot -it is sunny -and it is sweaty...more
24 Facts That Prove The Sachin Tendulkar Is A Cricket God
Antara Paul
This year as the batting legend turns 44 on 24th April here are some of the marvelous records set by him...more
Southern Indian Cuisine Beyond Idli, Sambhar, Dosa

Let this list be an ode to the food that we shouldn't miss out on, especially when it comes to cuisine from Southern India!..more
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