6 Stages Of Vacationing In A Country With A Foreign Language
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Solo travel is on everyone's bucket list, and sometimes we all reach a point in life where we have the luxury of planning a solo trip to a land far-off, exotic, and often not having English as a primary language. But language barrier isn't that big, right?..more
Eggs In Town For A Jolly Easter
Ahvanya Sharma
This Sunday, you can explore these, feast with your loved ones and raise a cupcake to celebrate the onset of spring...more
Women Safety Hacks While Traveling Alone
Antara Paul
Traveling alone has some adventure stories worth telling and you should always prepare yourself for the worst case scenario, to help you out with smoother and safer rides here goes some quick tips and tricks, from this side of a girl to the one out there!..more
5 Quick Ways to Move On From A Crush

The good thing is, unlike in a relationship you don't need to go through the murkiness of a break up and its aftermath to get over a crush. You can do it quickly and effectively. And we tell you how!..more
Every Broke Person In Their 20s Will Relate To This
Bhavya Jha
Trust us, they're plenty like you and everyone going through this phase will totally relate to these 7 things...more
6 Coolest Weekend Getaways to Usher In Summer
Antara Paul
A dream vacation is a transformation from "someday" to "that day..." but the secret lies in not to over plan; unplanned surprises are the best experiences. Set yourself free and be the boss of your own life...more
5 Watermelon Based Cocktails for Your Weekend Brunch Fix
Antara Paul
Grab that huge watermelon out of your refrigerator, raid your liquor cabinet and find your favorite glasses to fill them up! Enjoy these super easy watermelon brunch fixes for you and your dearest ones...more
6 Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 6 reasons why loving your life is a little better than loving a person!..more
7 Unique Mango Dishes To Try This Summer

Experiment your taste buds with some mango added Indian tadka that you need to try to believe!..more
10 Things Not To Say To A Friend Going Through A Tough Time
Bhavya Jha
A person who is already going through a tough time won't take it the way you mean it. May be they just need a good listener to vent out some kind of frustration or sorrow. So just be patient with them and DO NOT say these 10 things..more
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