8 Gifs That Prove That Summer Food Wins
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Sometimes it's just a mouthful full of fresh air, sometimes it gives us a brain freeze, but there is no escaping all the wonderful things we get to eat that rejuvenate our senses, one bite at a time!..more
6 Beauty Tips We Learnt From Our Moms
Riya Sachdeva
This checklist of tips from our mothers won't just help you get soft and rosy cheeks, but beautiful and bouncy locks as well. Because mothers know it best!..more
Bollywood Babies We Can't Get Enough Of
Sejal Mehra
Have a look at the sweetest and cuddliest of the Bollywood babies that we can't get enough of!..more
Highlights That Made May 2017 Quite An Eventful Month
Riya Sachdeva And Arjun Roy
A lot had happened which gave us that dose of bafflement! Here is a list! Missed on some update? Here's a quick wind up for you. Enjoy!..more
12 Indian Food Bloggers To Check Out On Instagram
Riya Sachdeva
We have some Indian food bloggers that earned their fame in Instagram with their food love!..more
6 Ways Our Restaurant Experiences Get Ruined By Social Media
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Here are 6 ways we believe everyone has begun to ruin food because of social media...more
Menswear Trends For A Fashion-Filled Summer 2017
Bhavya Jha
Here's a list of the emerging trends for men that every fashionable man needs to follow!..more
7 Outfits That Prove Sonakshi Sinha Is An Underrated Queen of Fashion
Anushka Kukreja
It's quite difficult to pick just a few out of the many amazing looks. However, we've compiled a list of outfits that are our personal favorites...more
6 Reasons To Love Summers
Shiralie Chaturvedi
Whether it is about wearing a bikini, or overdosing on popsicles, or learning that extreme sport, or opening your heart up to a stranger you meet in a hostel in a remote location. Engage in summer love, for yourself, to remember when it's no longer summer...more
7 Reasons Why Social Media Ruins Travel
Shiralie Chaturvedi
We are here to discuss- exactly how and why social media is the reason your travel trip can get significantly ruined!..more
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