The "Madge" Touch

Moumita Virginia Roy | August 02, 2012 11:45 IST

Provocative, vixen-esque, and a style chameleon that chose to be a 'diva' on her own terms! Madonna or "Madge" was to the eighties, what Gaga is to the pop culture-aspiring yuppies of the current era. Except that she was perhaps the first female superstar who didn't merely rest on the laurels of her diva-dom and pushed the boundaries of everything that was the "rule", even at the cost of raising many an eyebrow! And nothing bore testament to this fact more than her sense of style.

While the red lips might have been the closest to a staple for Madge, there was nothing ordinary about any of her other ensembles. This was the woman that morphed with complete ease from trashy, grunge chic into virginal pop-princess into the peroxide blonde Marilyn clone and then into the conical bra sporting temptress. But it was the commitment with which she embodied each transformation that perhaps ensured she remained just as stunning through each avatar, no matter how outrageous it was!

If we were to pick 5 out of Madonna's innumerous contributions to the Style Grail of the 20th century, there'd be:

. lace fingerless gloves
. the signature head-scarf that doubled up as a headband
. the "Boy Toy" belt
. the neon pink, dyed hair
. the Jean Paul Gaultier conical bustier

We hail Madonna as the world's first ever "style genius" who turned contemporary fashion history on its head and dazzled forevermore nevertheless!

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