Tips For Fresh Looking Eyes Without Makeup

IANS | June 04, 2015 13:12 IST

Eyes are said to be the windows to your soul, so enhance and accentuate them without using makeup.

Makeup artist Nirmal Randhawa, owner of Indica Makeover studio, shares a few steps to look great and gorgeous sans the conventional eye beautification:

*Apply facial cream to eyelids; it keeps them moisturised. However, be careful to not get the cream into your eyes.

*Splash your eyes with a lot of cold water. It helps in keeping them cool and clean.

*Place cold tea bags under each eye. This helps in tightening of the skin.

*Make sure you get enough rest and sleep for at least eight hours. It keeps the eyes glowing. You don't want to look dreary and sleep-deprived.

*Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables for healthy skin.

*It's important to frame the eyes correctly. Well-groomed brows are a must. It's almost like well-shaped brows give a 'face lift'of sorts.

*Brush up a little petroleum jelly against the lashes for a glamorous touch.

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