Top 6 Summer Coolers to Quench Your Thirst

Chitrita Ganguly | August 11, 2014 14:59 IST

1. Banta: Banta is a huge hit with the college crowd. The popular street drink is also called Goti Soda because of the unusual marble or 'goti' that is used to seal the bottle. To open it, one has to push the marble down and if you want some extra kick, just add some black salt or Pani Puri masala! Of course the real draw about Banta is that it's REALLY easy on the pocket.

2. Badam Milk: With almond, cardamom and pistas blended in milk THIS is not just a drink, it's practically a full meal. Some people also add rose water or vanilla essence to give it a sweeter taste.

3. Shikanji: The ultimate drink to cheat the summer heat, Shikanji is a big North Indian favourite. Lime juice, ginger, salt, sugar are the traditional ingredients. Some adventurous people also add saffron and mint leaves for some extra buzz!

4. Seasonal Fresh Fruit Juices: This summer if you're feeling dehydrated, just walk to the nearest fresh fruit juice spot and energise yourself! From Watermelon to Mango to Pomegranate to Pineapple to Lichee and what not, the list is endless! Eat, drink and love away!

5. Iced Tea: For those who balk at the idea of having a hot cuppa tea in the summer, there is the option of a nice chilled glass of iced tea. You can either freshly brew a glass of iced tea or have one of the pre-packaged ones. Iced tea is usually served with a slice of lime placed on the rim of the glass. Though we recommend the non sweetened iced tea, some people like to add some sugar as well.

6. Aam Panna: Mango, the king of fruits also gives us our drink number 6 - Aam Panna! For those who haven't tasted this heavenly summer cooler, it's a drink made of raw green mangoes, cumin seeds, black salt and pepper. Not only is it the perfect antidote for a heat stroke but is also very addictive. Sip away!

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