Contestants of 2014

Aastha Ssidana: Confidence, compassion and poise are the three qualities every woman should possess,” says this Delhi girl. Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches, Aastha has her priorities set right. An avid reader, her interest also lies in dancing and outdoor sports. Having won the ‘Indian World Supermodel 2012’ contest, Aastha is now keen to see herself on the Kingfisher Calendar with other supermodels!
Aastha Ssidana in pictures

Pardeep Bassi: “She was a student of International Relations but destiny had other plans in store for her. She began modeling in college and recently moved to India from Canada to explore opportunities. A pure Punjabi at heart, Pardeep thinks this country is like a big movie. This sensuous beauty knows her flaws, is eager to learn and considers her tall legs to be her best feature. She loves make up and playing with bright colors. Pardeep wants to make her family proud and wishes to see herself on the silver screen someday. And one cannot miss her striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie. With powerful body language and striking poses, this girl is confident of winning the competition.
Pardeep Bassi in pictures

Bianca Bodis: “Born to a pilot father, Bianca is the epitome of beauty and grace. She hails from Hungary and has been living in the city of dreams, Mumbai for over a year now. All of 19, she aspires to travel the world and learn about different cultures. A self-confessed coffee addict, Bianca thinks she has all that it takes to be a supermodel. With the right amount of confidence and unusual ways of teasing the camera, we can’t help but agree. This girl is to watch out for!
Bianca Bodis in pictures

Ketholeno Kense(Leno): “Leno belongs to the precious state of Nagaland and considers her northeastern looks to be her biggest asset. She is fun loving, jovial, focused and an extremely simple girl at heart who doesn’t take success or failure seriously. She comes out of every hurdle being a winner and wishes to set an example by being the face of the calendar. With her unconventional looks, this young girl surely has ability to make heads turn!
Ketholeno Kense(Leno) in pictures

Melica Buric(Ana): “Ana calls herself a monster but one must never take what she says too seriously. She is a tomboy at heart and hails from Montenegro. She is a complete entertainer in real life and effortlessly slips into a character while posing for the camera with utmost precision. She loves her family and considers herself worthy to be a part of the calendar.
Melica Buric(Ana) in pictures

Merrylin Boro: “Merrylin, a northeastern by ethnicity lives in Delhi and dreams of making it big in the modeling world. Having done a lot of print ads and magazine shoots, she is game to do something different this time around and become a part of the coveted Kingfisher Calendar. She likes music, photography and loves experimenting with her short mane. Her fetish for shoes is something she can’t get rid off!
Merrylin Boro in pictures

Amishka Sood: “Having lived in Kenya when she was little, taught her a lot about life but now Amishka, a complete Delhi girl is all set to embark on the best journey of her life. She is a dance instructor at Ashley Lobo’s Danceworx and hence loves playing with her flexibility. Even though she is the least experienced of the lot, her easy body language in front of the camera speaks volumes about her ability to improve. With morale up high and feet on the ground, Amishka surely has her eyes set on the goal!
Amishka Sood in pictures

Preeti Chauhan : “Preeti was an airhostess before she decided to try her hand at modeling. She loves to travel, listen to music and shop in her free time. According to her, her body depicts her confidence. With a pretty face by her side, Preeti is leaving no stone unturned to excel in the competition.
Preeti Chauhan in pictures

Ruba Masri Al-Kurdi(Ruby): “This gorgeous beauty hailing from Spain considers herself to be a tough contender in this competition. With sparkling grey eyes, skinny frame and killer attitude, Ruby is all set to take the world by storm. She loves football and can endlessly talk for hours. Her smile lights up a dull day and considers her abs to be her biggest asset.
Ruba Masri Al-Kurdi(Ruby) in pictures

Sukanya Bhattacharya: “A true Bengali from Kolkata, Sukanya loves eating sweets and fish. For Sukanya, her body is her temple which she loves, respects and worships. She admires Bipasha Basu and considers her big eyes to be attractive. She loves traveling, dancing and photography and at a young age she has come to pursue her dream of sharing space with top notch models of the country. This one surely has the spark to make it big!
Sukanya Bhattacharya in pictures

Contestants of 2013

Nikkitasha Marwaha: Nikkitasha Marwaha or Tashi as she is fondly called, moved recently from Washington DC to Mumbai to pursue her modeling dreams. She loves dancing, reading, and swimming . Nikkitasha has quite the spunky personality and brings fun, entertainment, and laughs wherever she goes. A family girl, she has her entire family rooting for her. She believes that she has what it takes to win the competition. With Beyonce as her idol, this all-rounder has nothing to lose! Read more

Nibedita Karmakar: This Bengali beauty is someone to watch out for! With smoldering eyes and a fantastic body, Nibedita belives she is on her way to becoming the new face of the Kingfisher Calendar as she truly deserves it! She’s focused on winning the competition and doesn’t like people who don’t walk the talk! Read more

Sushmita Singha: With a lucky name and a super fit body, Sushmita’s ultimate dream is to be on the Kingfisher Calendar. An ardent fan of the show since its inception, Sushmita was thrilled to bit when she was shortlisted for the show. She believes she has a different face and struggles hard to maintain a sculpted body . With Tyra Banks as her no. 1 idol, there’s nothing stopping this beauty! Read more

Rupali Jambhulkar : Hailing from the small city of Nagpur, Rupali has big dreams in her eyes. Having struggled a lot to be a model, Rupali believes that her experiences have only made her stronger! She believes that this competition will take her to the next level in terms of her career and can’t wait to get the ball rolling! Read more

Kanchan Tomar: This Delhi girl has her sights set on the prize. She’s spunky, a go-getter and won’t settle for second place. The youngest of the girls, this 19 year old has already faced a lot of struggles and believes she deserves to be the new face of the calendar. With a family back home in Delhi rooting for her, Kanchan Tomar is raring to go. Read more

Lin Laishram: Hailing from the Land of Mary Kom, this oriental beauty believes it’s time for the sun to shine on all of Manipur! With a striking face and voluptuous body, Lin Laishram is ready to take the world by storm. She’s struggled in New York, doing theatre and had to take up a waitressing job to support herself. With a focused attitude and killer body, Lin Laishram is raring to go! Read more

Aeshra Patel: A farmer’s daughter, Aeshra Patel came to Bombay from Vadodra to make it in the big city! Her family has supported her decision every step of the way and she’s only grown from strength to strength. With a 100 watt smile that lights up the ramp, this young girl belives she has the spunk, sensuality and confidence to be the next face of the calendar Read more

Ishita Vyas: This bhopali Beauty is a hardworker and quick learner. After having made a few mistakes, she’s learnt from them and is now working at taking her career to the next level. She believes she has the potential to be the best and thinks that doing the calendar will be a milestone in her career. Her family doesn’t support her decision of taking part in the contest, but this head strong girl had her sights set on her goal! Read more

Nevena Pejatovic: Hailing from Belgrade, Serbia, Nevena is thrilled to make most of Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl experience. She believes that she can learn and grow from an opportunity as exciting as this and has the support of her entire family. Read more

Runa Laha: When one looks at this 25 year old Bengali beauty , one would never expect her to be the mother of a 6 year old! Tall, dusky, and with endless legs- Runa has struggled with many difficulties to be a model. From losing over 30 kgs of weight, to many personal challenges, she has risen to each occasion. And now there’s nothing stopping her! Read more

Rebecca Maumkel: With a twinkle in her eye and bouncy curls, Rebecca is here to charm the judging panel on the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar girl 2013! Rebecca has her eyes set on the spot on the calendar. Despite personal struggles in the past, she has triumphed and risen to the occasion each time Read more

Anagha Sahamate: Anagha thinks she would be the luckiest person on earth to be clicked by ace photographer Atul Kasbekar. She believes that this calendar has launched a thousand dreams and she’s ready for her very own dream to take flight! Read more


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