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Beauty. Style. Grace. Wit. Panache. Put those together and they add up to the gorgeous sum equation that is Neha Dhupia. An Actress and model , Neha is a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it! And with all these skills, she becomes the ideal judge and anchor for Kingfisher Supermodels 2! Catch her train, tutor and mentor 10 young lasses as they battle it out to be the new face of the calendar. Neha is on a hunt… Will she find the next treasure?
Ten models. Thirteen episodes. One coveted title. After a super successful stint last year, the most captivating battle is back! NDTV Good Times presents KINGFISHER SUPERMODELS 2 .This year it will be bigger, hotter and bolder because it’s the battle to be India’s next SUPERMODEL. No reality bites or screaming girls, KINGFISHER SUPERMODELS 2 , will highlight the lives and personalities of ten extraordinary models over thirteen episodes. Every episode will have a competition for which industry stalwarts will groom the girls and judge them on the final outcome. So every episode is a contest in itself other than the final winning glory. There will be a gratification at the end of each episode resulting in the girl winning: a magazine cover, face of a brand, product endorsements, designer’s muse, showstoppers, etc. With unconventional photo-shoots and top celebrities as mentors, the pressure to be the face of the Kingfisher Calendar is soaring high. So fasten your seat belts as we swim through the waves with Neha Dhupia to unveil the ultimate supermodel. Click here to know when to catch the latest episode of Kingfisher Supermodels 2 only on NDTV Good Times.
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