Kingfisher Supermodels 2
Episode 12 | Watch full episde For five weeks our models have been playing with fire, this week they play with light. A jail for the convicted fashionistas and bars made of tube lights, this is one dangerous jail. As these girls use tube lights as props, let's see who gets the green light straight to the finale and who reaches the dead end. Read more »
Episode 11 | Watch full episde If there is a week our contestants want to outshine the rest, it is this one! With facial expressions to a bare minimum and an intangible prop, this might be the toughest task yet. Black and white patterns of light on them, they must get as expressive with their bodies as they can. Whose body speaks the language of success and whose doesn’t tune in to find out. Read more »
Episode 10 | Watch full episde Making it this far in the competition was no child's play! So our top 5 definitely deserve the 'supermodel' brand. This week we reinstate just that. The girls have their A-game on as they pose on alphabets that spell out 'supermodels 2'. Watch as one of them uses these alphabets as the stepping stones to her win while the rest fumble. Confused about what we are talking about? Tune in to find out only on NDTV Goodtimes. Read more »
Episode 9 | Watch full episde To be a Kingfisher supermodel, our budding models must master the swimsuit shoot. And this week, they face their first swimsuit challenge - over the water and under pressure! Tune in as the girls master balance and posture only on Kingfisher Supermodels 2. Read more »
Episode 8 | Watch full episde To be a supermodel, three things are absolutely essential - grace, poise and balance. This week our tough judges put all three to test. After mastering the previous task, our top five must balance themselves as they attempt aerial yoga with grace and poise- not as easy as it sounds. To guide them to rope in this win is Shruti Jasani, an aerial yoga instructor who has trained the likes of Deepika Padukone and Sushmita Sen. Tune in to see who tips the scales in their favour with their balancing act. Read more »
Episode 7 | Watch full episde After three weeks it's definitely clear that the Kingfisher supermodels do stand tall on their ground. But just how tall, it shall be put to test this week, following the theme this week 'live high'. With the help of cranes and high heels, our models reach to the skies this week. But who shines bright like the stars and whose stardust fades away is what the judges want to see. Watch Kingfisher supermodels 2 as they 'live high' this week. Read more »
Episode 6 | Watch full episde With Veganism on the plate, and some scrumptious ensembles designed by Meet Parikh, our top 5 look good enough to eat! With a plate as their sanctuary for the day, the contestants must strike a delicious pose for a frame that is crisp and fresh. In association with PETA, our contestants adorn garments made of green and leafy vegetables. So see who bites the dust and who comes out victorious only on Kingfisher Supermodels 2. Read more »
Episode 5 | Watch full episde Give a horse your love and they'll give you theirs. Give our judges a performance to behold and they will give you a ticket to the top 5 for the next round. Following the theme live and let live, the girls, alongside these horses, shed their reigns, to give that perfect picture. Watch who succeeds with flying colours only on Kingfisher Supermodels 2. Read more »
Episode 4 | Watch full episde With a vibrant tonga as their prop, our girls’ job is half done! This week, our top five bring out the hidden bollywood heroine in them as they play the iconic Basanti. Do they ride this tonga to their win or go astray along the way, watch Kingfisher Supermodels 2 to find out. Read more »
Episode 3 | Watch full episde It’s week 2 of Kingfisher Supermodels 2, you know what that means; time for more glamour and more sizzle, as this week we live "Desi." And no Desi theme is complete without a splash of Bollywood thrown in.

She’s fierce and she’s unstoppable, the Indian woman is multi-faceted. With this fierceness our girls take to the tasks this week and #LiveDesi in the beautiful Daman Fort. Tune in as our girls take the desi gori to newer and hotter heights only on NDTV Goodtimes. Read more »
Episode 2 | Watch full episde After their first conquest, the top five must now ride a wrecking ball and follow Miley Cyrus’ footsteps to their second victory. The girls have their A game on to win an exclusive feature spread in GQ magazine. Watch out for Kingfisher Supermodels as our girls give it their all to win over their mentor Neha Dhupia only on NDTV Goodtimes. Read more »
Episode 1 | Watch full episde With their first task set in a workshop, this season our models hit the nail on its head, quite literally! A battle for which they bring out all the tools for their weapon of choice- ferocity. Watch as the girls strut it out at a workshop and deliver results that are nothing less than dangerous only on NDTV Goodtimes. Read more »
Kingfisher Supermodels
Episode 10: Who has the GQ quotient? | Watch full episde This week’s big win has got the girls going crazy with excitement. And, why not! Since, it will get one lucky girl an exclusive feature in India’s Leading Men’s Fashion Magazine, GQ. Now, who wouldn’t want to win this? But it doesn’t come easy! A photograph in a photograph is the challenge as the girls’ bodies will act as screens on which photographs will be projected; The images will be of everything from signage’s, city skylines to lights to plain typography. The girls have to get edgy, be trendy, have fun and come out as a clear winner. Judging the task and gracing the ramp with Lisa Haydon, we have Vijendra Bhardwaj, Fashion Director of GQ, India and leading designer, Gaurav Gupta. To find out who robs this job and makes it to the finale of KINGFISHER SUPERMODELS, tune in to NDTV Good Times on Sunday, December 8th at 10 PM. Until then, #LiveYoung! Read more »
Episode 9: Girls perform a task never attempted on Indian TV | Watch full episde This week, the Kingfisher Supermodels perform a task which has never been attempted on Indian Television ever before. Live Graffiti, is the name of the game and guess what the canvass is? Well, it’s nothing but the beautiful bodies of our models. In this one of its kind challenge, we get the girls to tell a story; about them, around them. Graffiti on canvas, painted bodies and beautiful shots is what it entails. The challenge being, that the girls have to complete the picture, not just in body but in expression too. So who completes the picture, find out on Saturday, December 7th at 10 PM only on NDTV Good Times! #LiveYoung. Read more »
Episode 8: Girls strike the best pose on Pilate balls | Watch full episde This week, Lisa Haydon is not in a let go mood, she is ready to test the girls, and guess what is the parameter she chose? Yes, its balance. The girls will be performing the big win task where they will have to balance themselves on three Pilate balls at all times to create a beautiful picture. But will the girls balance themselves and get stupendous shots at the same time? Find out who succeeds in striking the pose and who has a fall! Join Lisa Haydon and fashion guru Mohan Neelkanthan on the runway as they pick the best model this week, only on NDTV Good Times, December 1st at 10 PM! #liveyoung Read more »
Episode 7: Who's the hottest, energetic cheerleader | Watch full episde Three weeks of madness! Three weeks of tasks. Time for week 4 of Kingfisher Supermodels 2014 and what’s in store, well it’s time to shake things up and quite literally so! The prop - a trampoline. The mood - cheerful. The look - fun and colorful. And the task? Well, our girls have to let loose, pose and put their best foot forward mid-air as cheerleaders. Joining the verdict chamber with Lisa this week is a designer who has been an integral part of the Indian fashion scene for the past fifteen years, Rina Dhaka! Watch out as they praise and criticize the girls to choose the best cheerleaders from the squad on November 30th, 10 PM only on NDTV Goodtimes #liveyoung. Read more »
Episode 6: Girls bring out their boyish best | Watch full episde In this episode we revisit the classic tomboy look as the Kingfisher Supermodels embrace androgyny! In this task, each girl leaves behind their feminine side and brings out her boyish best. The 5 hotties have the freedom to pose alongside a luxury sedan in their best masculine move! Ace fashion designer Suneet Varma graces his presence on the show and tells us his favorites out of the lot. The winner walks away with a swanky perfume by Suneet Varma’s exclusive line and gets to walk for his fashion show. So which lady will come out as the best gentleman? Join Lisa and Milind on the ramp as they declare the third finalist to the Kingfisher Supermodel Finale, only on NDTV Good Times, November 24th at 10 PM! #liveyoung. Read more »
Episode 5: Girls portray oodles of oomph on a truck | Watch full episde We are in week 3 and for the past two weeks, the girls have really shown us that they were a force to reckon with. Bianka and Pardeep rose above their peers and have made it to the finals of Kingfisher Supermodels. This week, it’s going to be different; it’s going to be delicious; it’s going to be DESI. For the audition task, ten gorgeous beauties go indo-chic and portray oodles of oomph on top of a decked up truck. You surely haven’t seen this side of the girls before. And, in the verdict chamber, Lisa is joined by our special guest who needs no introduction, Milind Soman, the man without whom this hunt would be incomplete. All this and more on the hunt for the Kingfisher Supermodel, this Saturday, November 23rd at 10 PM @Ndtv Goodtimes. #liveyoung. Read more »
Episode 4: Who's designer Shivan & Narresh's muse? | Watch full episde The hunt to find the ultimate supermodel continues as we find out who won and who lost the FOOTBALL PIN-UP GIRL challenge. Announcements are made in the makeup room and soon the girls who are in head to dress up in some sexy resort wear by Shivan and Narresh. The girl who wins the task gets the prize to be the ‘Shivan & Narresh’ muse. She will be on their website, in their print ads, on out storefront, basically all of their campaigns as the “Shivan & Narresh Girl.” But this doesn’t come easy. Shivan and Narresh have issued a tough challenge to our divas, and now it’s up to them to rise to it. The girls have to express, pose and win over the hearts of the jury by fitting their curvy body in a square peg. How they do justice to their creations in a constricted space is the challenge they need to overcome. Join Lisa Haydon and the fabulous designer duo Shivan & Narresh as they pick that one gorgeous model that becomes the face of their swimwear brand and makes a place for herself in the finale of Kingfisher Supermodels on Sunday, 17th November 2013 at 10 PM only on NDTV Good Times. Read more »
Episode 3: Hunt for the hottest Football Pin-Up Girl | Watch full episde Its week 2 and the competition is getting serious. The schedules are becoming stiffer and the tasks challenging. This week? Well, we plan on getting our hands, feet, faces and our bodies all very, very dirty. In this episode, our ten stunning beauties need to perfect the art of being filthy and sexy because today, we’re looking for our hottest FOOTBALL PINUP GIRL. The girl who can send temperatures soaring around the country with just a picture, someone who can be cool under pressure, that one mud-streaked, tousle-haired goddess is what we are looking for! Photographer Charudutt Chitrak captures each move of theirs with utmost precision. He also joins host Lisa Haydon in the verdict chamber to decide which girl will move on to the next level. Does that excite you? Well then, it’s time to switch to NDTV Goodtimes on Saturday, 16th November 2013 at 10 PM. Read more »
Episode 1: Bondage Task | Watch full episde On day one of Kingfisher Supermodels, the girls receive a warm welcome from the hotel and the excitement in the air is evidently visible. Later in the day, the girls gear up for the first task of the show which will also act as a qualifier for the second task of the week. And what’s the first task? Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me, sang Rihanna. In this task, the girls have to channel her. They’re restricted, but have to be seductive, sexy and sultry. Each girl gets only 5 minutes to emote and pose for the camera while being tied by chains, tapes and ropes. For these girls, there is definitely no gain without pain! Joining Lisa Haydon for the critiquing is ace photographer Atul Kasbekar as a special judge. Surely, the girls have some serious expectations to meet. So will the girls be able to come out of bondage or will they give up even before the game began? To find your answers, tune in to NDTV Good Times on Saturday, 9th November 2013 at 10 PM as we embark on a journey to find the ultimate “supermodel” from ten ravishing beauties. Read more »
Hunt For The Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012-2013
Episode 30 | Watch full episde It’s the last task on the mammoth journey that has been the hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl and the girls get their best game faces on! Catch them as they go into ‘super-girl’ mode as they are harnessed from a crane and pose with a jeep-all in mid -air! What’s more is that they get clicked by ace photographer himself, Atul Kasbekar! Celebrity guest Sarah Jane Dias joins in for some last minute tips to the girls and helps the judges narrow it down to the fantastic four! Read more »
Episode 30 | Watch full episde Salty water, sand in their eyes, intense work hours and pressure is nothing compared to what the judges have in store for the final few girls. Who will be able to impress the judges to secure a spot in the final few? Watch this to find out. Read more »
Episode 29 | Watch full episde The final week of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl 2013 and sparks are a plenty! The girls go bond-tastic as they attempt to emerge out of the sea as the ultimate Bond Girl! Will they be shaken? Or will some manage to stir it up? Nevena emerges out of the sea like a nymph but others like Kanchan seem washed out. Read more »
Uncut 7 | Watch full episde What happens after seven long weeks of challenging tasks ? Catch all the behind the scenes action on this episode as some girls feel the pressure and some maintain calm when all hell breaks loose! Also, find out the inside scoop on the fabulous date with Sid straight from the winners mouth! Read more »
Episode 28 | Watch full episde Eliminations continue and the tasks get tougher as the gorgeous girls are pitted against each other. Catch the anger, tears, shock & relief on this episode of the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013. Read more »
Episode 27 | Watch full episde In the second task of the week, the girls prepare to get caged up in a metal cage and suspended from a height. PETA and the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013 tie up for a unique task to spread awareness about caged birds. Will the girls be able to take flight? Or will some still be grounded? And if winning the task isn’t prize enough, the best performer gets a date with the fabulous Sid Mallya himself. Read more »
Episode 26 | Watch full episde As the competition heats up with Aeshra back as the wild card entry, judges Sid & Lisa prepare to crack the whip on the contestants! How do the girls react to Aeshra’s return? Who will be the first to crumble under pressure? Read more »
Episode 25 | Watch full episde It’s down to the sexy six in the seventh week of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl 2013. In the Do-it-yourself task, the girls get set to become real life paper dolls! Styled with fantastic paper dresses, the girls need to create accessories with scrap material to match their outfits, as well as do their own hair-dos! Catch creativity at its best, on this episode! Read more »
Uncut 6 | Watch full episde Behind the scenes antics continue! Catch Terence’s dancing secrets that he shared with the girls and how the girls coped with the 20 foot rostrum! Watch Nargis interacting with the girls and sharing sage advice on what it takes to make it big!! Don’t miss this no-holds-barred episode of the hunt! Read more »
Episode 24 | Watch full episde With Super Sushmita and and all star Aeshra now in the danger zone, Sugar, spice, and everything nice, it’s not anymore on the Hunt For The Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012. As fewer girls are left in the competition, they are upping the ante when it comes to their surivial. Nargis Fakhri joins the judging panel for this elimination in a bid to zero in on the new face of the calendar. Read more »
Episode 23 | Watch full episde In a never seen before task on the Hunt, the girls have to use all their strength, agility and poise to pose atop a 20 foot rostrum! Will they glide through the air or end up crash landing ?Watch to find out! And since no one went into the danger zone earlier, 2 contestants stand a chance to be sent home this week! The girls perform under extra pressure as they have a former calendar girl and Bollywood superstar, Nargis Fakhri joining the judging panel! Read more »
Episode 22 | Watch full episde Will the girls be able to impress the judges and Terence? Or does he leave some of them tongue tied? Catch this super-hot episode of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl 2012 that has something for everyone. Read more »
Episode 21 | Watch full episde It’s week six and they are just seven girls left in the running to be the next face of the Kingfisher calendar 2013. The competition in this episode heats up with a guest judge and star choreographer Terence Lewis! The girls get to pick a separate dance style and get trained by Terence Lewis for the talent round! Catch the girls perform hip-hop, salsa, Bollywood dance moves and much more as they make another attempt at saving their spot on the much-coveted calendar on The Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013 Read more »
Uncut 5 | Watch full episde The behind the scenes action continues on the uncut episode of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl 2013! Milind Soman’s entry on the set for the antigravity task sets the girls into a tizzy! Think being a model is a piece of cake? Judge Lisa Haydon tries out the anti-gravity task and shows the girls exactly how it’s done! Catch the madness on set as the girls get “into character” for the feline task!!All this and much more on Uncut 5! Read more »
Episode 20 | Watch full episde Roopali, Ishita and Nibedita have all been put into the danger zone. Catch all the hits and misses on The Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2013 which has it all: high fashion, excitement drama and of course, hot bods. Read more »
Episode 19 | Watch full episde The girls channel their inner animal on this episode of The Hunt for the kingfisher calendar girl 2012! In this task, the girls have to use all their primal instincts to excel! Equipped with animal print bikinis and bold feline makeup, the girls try their best to look fierce and protect their spots in the competition! Read more »
Episode 18 | Watch full episde Sid and Lisa have an addition to the judging panel this time around. Photographer Anushka Menon joins the deadly duo on the ramp to assess the contestants performance for the anti-gravity shot. Who will get immunity? And who will go directly to the danger zone? Read more »
Episode 17 | Watch full episde It’s week five and the competition is down to nine lucky girls! Catch them as they attempt to leap to great heights in the first task of the week. Can they pose mid -air for that perfect live action shot? What’s more is that they’re working against gravity and if they’re a minute too late, all they end up with is a big splash in the pool! Roopali and Aeshra try to cope with their hydrophobia , but will it be enough to keep them in the competition? Read more »
Uncut 4 | Watch full episde Thought the elephant task was great to watch and the rose petal episode looked dreamy?Find out what really happened behind the scenes of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl 2013 – How did the girls seduce and pacify Ganga the elephant and what did they think of the rose petal costume? Out takes, bloopers, fun and laughter- it’s all here on this uncut episode! Read more »
Episode 16 | Watch full episde Eliminations continue and the tasks get tougher as the gorgeous girls are pitted against each other.With Nevena, Runa and Ishita In the danger zone, it’s bound to a firecracker episode! Who will get axed this elimination? Read more »
Episode 15 | Watch full episde Seduction meets class for the second task of week 4. With Ishita in the danger zone, the girls are nervous as they pose for a classic beauty top shot on a water bed covered by nothing but rose petals! Will some bloom in front of the camera? Or will they wilt under pressure? Read more »
Episode 14 | Watch full episde It’s critiquing time on the hunt! Which girl managed to charm the elephant to excel in their task? And who will land up with nothing? Catch the judges critiquing the girl’s performance in this exciting episode, where someone will end up in the danger zone, bringing them one step closer to an elimination. Read more »
Episode 13 | Watch full episde It’s down to the top ten on the Hunt for the kingfisher calendar girl 2013! In the first task of week 4, The girls unleash their inner zulu warriors as they take on a tribal avatar and work with a fairly large prop for a photo shoot! Catch the girls posing atop a live elephant while trying to work magic in front of the camera! Nikkitasha tries to make the most of the elephant, while Ishita fails miserably! Read more »
Uncut 3 | Watch full episde Catch the behind the scenes action in this episode- Judges Sid and Lisa try their hand at Yoga! Can they match Instructor Deepika Mehta’s moves? Read more »
Episode 12 | Watch full episde It’s another nail biting week on the hunt as eliminations make the girls choose their friends and foes…Don’t miss it for anything! Read more »
Episode 11 | Watch full episde In the next challenge, the girls try to master the harmony between meditation and combat. In the Yoga combat task, the girls get a crash course in Yoga from expert Deepika Mehta and learn to pose while using their strength and agility to their advantage. Read more »
Episode 10 | Watch full episde Will the girls be able to get their game faces on and prepare themselves for the long journey ahead ? Will they be able to live up to Sid & Lisa’s expectations of them? Read more »
Episode 9 | Watch full episde How far will you go to get what you want? The girls stretch, twist and even engage in combat on the third week of the hunt to be the next face of the Kingfisher calendar .The first task of the week with guest photographer Nisha Kutty has the girls contorting their bikini bodies on transparent acrylic boxes on the beach to get that perfect picture. Read more »
Uncut 2 | Watch full episde In the second behind the scenes episode Sid gets a taste of his own medicine when he tries out the boot camp routine himself! Catch Sid running through his own obstacle course on the Hunt! The mermaid task was a dream to watch, but was it a dream to execute? Catch all the behind the scenes action, here! Read more »
Episode 7 | Watch full episde It’s gloom and doom and action galore on the Hunt as eliminations, lobbying and vote outs add to the drama ! Don’t dare miss it! Read more »
Episode 6, Part II | Watch full episde The girls survived the boot camp task, but will they be able to handle the critiquing by judges Sid & Lisa? Who will get immunity and who will be put into the danger zone? Read more »
Episode 6 | Watch full episde Think being a mermaid is a piece of cake? Think again. In the second task of the week , the girls take on the guise of a mermaid maiden and pose under a waterfall in a manmade fin. Will the girls swim to their success or crash and burn? Read more »
Episode 5 | Watch full episde It’s the second week on the hunt and anchors Lisa Haydon and Sid Mallya think up new ways to test their twelve beauties. It’s boot camp time on the hunt! The girls run through a muddy obstacle course, swing on ropes and climb ropes to ultimately pose for the photographer’s camera. They’re all equipped with military green bikinis and boots but will that be enough to prepare them for this? Read more »
Episode 4 | Watch full episde For the first time ever on the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar girl, we present the UNCUT version! Catch all the behind the scenes action and drama on the sets… Want to know what really happened and who really said what? Tune in to this never seen before footage to find out Read more »
Episode 4 | Watch full episde Find out who gets immunity and who goes to the danger zone in this bikini battle. Emotions, betrayal, success and sadness, it’s all here on this power packed first week on the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar girl! Read more »
Episode 3 | Watch full episde On the second task of the week, the girls get bird brained on the show as they pose with a feathered friend for the camera. Can the girls work their charm on the bird for the camera or will some see their dreams fly off into the distance? Read more »
Episode 2 | Watch full episde Considering their dismal performance in the underwater task, how will the judges react to the contestant’s performance? Will they go easy on them? Or crack the whip? There’s only one way to know. Keep watching! Read more »
Episode 1 | Watch full episde It’s a brand new season on the Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar girl and our 12 beauties are raring to go. After a long journey from Mumbai to Goa, the girls get into their game mode for the competition. In the first task of the show, the girls discover their underwater avatars as they pose, preen and pout for the photographer’s camera, underwater! It’s the eleventh year of the calendar and the pressure is on to find the fresh face of the Kingfisher calendar Lisa Haydon and Sid Mallya are on the hunt for their treasure in the latest season of the Hunt for the Kingfisher calendar girl. Catch them in their search for the girl with the perfect body and attitude to match! With challenging tasks, mindboggling photo shoots, celebrity judges, 24x7 surveillance and surprise twists, the pressure to perform is even more intense! Will the bikini babes buckle under pressure or will one emerge a true calendar girl? Catch the breaking and the making of the next Kingfisher calendar girl in a brand new season! Read more »
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