Luxe Interiors: A Slice of Magnificence
Dayeeta Das
Kings and queens have always fascinated us and at some point of time we have all secretly wished to experience their lifestyle..more
Look Summer Bright With Beauty Essentials
From opting for fresh sunscreen, hydrating your body with summer-scented lotion to not using hard makeup, ensure you take the right steps for skincare without having to spend much money, says an expert..more
Luxe Interiors: Quirky Lamps From Kerala
Kriti Mahajan
Who wouldn't mind a bit of God’s own country into their home? And when it comes with a twist, it adds extra sugar, a little spice and everything exotic straight from Kerala into your home decor..more
7 Things You Never Knew You ‘Actually’ Learnt From Bollywood
Ananya Sharma
1) It helped us deal with bad break ups
Every time we get our heart broken, rushing to the movies was always a great distraction..more
Go Crazy With Kaftans This Summer
Beat the heat this summer by sporting a Kaftan, a variant of the robe or tunic, which has been worn by several celebrities around the world..more
5 Tips To Keep Your Leather Products Forever New
Leather accessories add an 'oomph' factor to one's wardrobe, but keeping them looking new can be tricky..more
My Style is Chic-casual: Anushka Sharma
Actress-producer Anushka Sharma says her style is "chic-casual" and she likes to put on clothes that are "easy and comfortable"..more
Luxe Interiors: Inspiring Vintage Homes
Dayeeta Das
Possessing an artifact handed down the generations is a thing of pride and when ideas and objects from the past are used to create a home, it's a mix of nostalgia, charm and pure magic..more
Beware! Eyeliners May Hamper Vision
The next time you pick up a pencil eyeliner, please consider that its particles can move into the eye and cause vision trouble..more
Ambika Anand Spills Her Diet Secrets
Ambika Anand
Well, losing weight is very hard but maintaining it is even harder!

So when you meet that super fit, hot girl who rolls her eyes when you say no to that glass of wine or slice of pizza because you are on a diet, well don't be fooled by her scorn! Unless she is genetically skinny and can gobble down ice-cream shakes and cupcakes without it mirroring on the scales the next day, trust keeping her weight where it is requires tremendous effort!

Well diet accounts for 70% of your weight loss and the 30% depends on your work out! I change my workout practically every 2 months!

I’ll let you in on a secret, what I eat changes practically every week!

At the moment I begin the day with a glass of cold coffee and some porridge..more
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