Bollywood Stars Sizzle on the Ramp of ICW 2014
Design aesthetics and creativity may have impressed fashion patrons at the just concluded Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers India Couture Week 2014 certainly, but it was Bollywood celebrities who hogged maximum publicity..more
Store Your Luxury Handbags With Love
They say bags are like friends you never have too many! How do you store your handbags? Are they lovingly tucked away waiting to be worn out or are they stuffed under the bed gathering dust? It's time to give equal importance to your handbags like the way you give to your wardrobe..more
Look and Feel Like a Celebrity by Following These Beauty Trends
It is time to take inspiration from Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba's summery smoky eyes or Judy Greer's braided hairstyle and try their beauty trends..more
6 Types of Contestants You are Sure to Find on Reality Shows
Udita Jain
The core of reality TV survives on three pillars - entertainment, entertainment AND entertainment..more
Follow These 3 Tips and Avoid Looking Fat in Your Clothes
How Not to Look Fat in Your Clothes Clothes can make you look and feel great, no matter the size of your body, but be wary of adding visible pounds with the style choices you make..more
India Couture Week 2014
Gayatri Chhetry
Every designer’s dream is to create something that is so stylish that it transcends fashion and becomes a classic and it is at the FDCI presents Shree Raj Mahal Jewellers INDIA COUTURE WEEK 2014 in association with Logix Group that classics are born..more
18 Junk Food Snacks That You Would Put Your Diet on Hold For
NDTV Goodtimes
Tired of keeping yourself from enjoying the simple pleasures of life? Here is a list of junk foods that you wouldn’t mind putting your diet on hold for, just this once of course (wink)..more
7 Reasons Why Lollipops are the Best Candy
NDTV Goodtimes
Does looking at lollipops remind you of unicorns, rainbows and all the joyous characters from fantasyland? Here are a few reasons why lollipops were your favourite childhood candy, and continue to be a top candidate in children’s candy socks all over the globe..more
What Your Favourite Ice Cream Flavour Says About You?
Anisha Bhatia
“Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos..more
Men Lose Sex Appeal at 39
Check your age if you feel you have lost sex appeal among young women all of a sudden..more
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